Hello everboddyyyy :)

I've really been thinking about getting a pixie cut. ( Really short hair cut)

I have really curly thick hair ... so I'm not sure how It'd work out. My hair now is a little past shoulder length and even then it STILL gets in the way of my hooping. Shoulder duckouts suck when I wear it down. Anyways, I think I want it done like this or maybe a little bit longer.


Here it is :)


What do you guys think?? Anybody already have a pixie??

Thanks!! :D

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I hear ya. My hair is halfway down my back (down to where my bra goes across my back) and even in a pony tail it's starting to get in the way. I usually have to do a bun or braids or some other really pinned up style to hoop.

My problem is I'm getting married next year and wanted to keep my hair long for the wedding, but I am SO tempted to get a short cut just to make hooping (and life?) easier. I've been growing it out for like two years and haven't had it shorter than chin length in nearly four years. I know my fiance would like to see it all long and flowy on our wedding day, but I could care less. I'm feeling pressured to keep it though. I know last year when I trimmed a couple inches off (it needed it) I missed it, but it's starting to get unmanageable. 

How do other hoopers hoop with their long hair (some even way longer than mine!) down? Do they just avoid certain moves? I was having a hard time even doing shoulder breaks because my hair was getting tangled in my hoop. 

I'm really digging Ashlee Simpson's hair right now:

I'd love to try a shaved side but my hair isn't thick enough to pull it off: 

And I like the shaggier pixie styles too:

Also, loving this one:

Go for it. You really won't know if it works until you try it.


I love my short hair. It's awesome for playing with color and cut (we play hairdresser at home) and if the experiment goes wrong, I can always cut it supershort and start over. Short hair grows fast.



if you go to instyle.com you can upload a pic of yourself & try on all types of hairstyles..I have a bunch of pics of me saved on my comp with some funny styles :) have fun

Once I realized my hair was long enough to donate I decided to go ahead and do it. :D


A foot of hair bundled for donation: 

After! The guy who cut it kept the front/top longer so I would have more to play with initially: 

I like that I can still tuck it behind my ears:

This hairstyle suits you so well... I really love this on you!
Thank you! I'm loving it. :)
your new haircut is soo cute! looks really good on you girl! :)

Thank you everybody!!!  My computer is SO screwed up right now my computer won't upload anything. o.O

I think my facebook has a pretty good pic... I'm the one with the wolf ears.

My face is what you would call heart shaped I think. I think I like kind of the shaggy pixie cut too.

Thanks again!!! Much hoop-love :)

OH! and congrats to tilly whirls on getting married!!!

Thank you! I figured societal pressure be damned—if I'm a short haired bride next year then cool! 

Your hair looks kind of similar to mine (in that first shot it's still all wet). When mine is dried naturally there's some wave in it, but it's not super curly. If I put product in it (CHI Straight Guard) and brush it it'll dry straight. If I put gel in it and scrunch it, it'll be even wavier. When I get all sweaty at the gym I end up with tendrils around my face. If that sounds a bit like your hair it might be worth a shot. Just play with it and figure out which product works best with the style you get. If it's not worth keeping, you can always grow it out. :)

DON'T DO IT! Curly hair and pixie cuts don't work. Trust me, I tried it. It mad me look like little orphan annie. So unless you want to spend a ridiculous amount of time straightening your hair I would keep looking for something that would be more flattering.
I dunno. Her hair isn't t-h-a-t curly. It's more wavy. On her FB photos only the ends of her hair are wavy. It actually looks similar to mine when mine is dried naturally. When my hair is long the length of it is wavy, and if I style it right with the right product it'll be wavy, but I can easily put a different product in it, run a brush through it and it'll straighten. Anyway, even if she tries it, it'll grow out.
Hey!! My hair actually is pretty curly... I just don't usually let it dry naturally. :)  Thanks again!! I think I'm  going to wait until  this summer to try it so if it doesn't work out, I can grow it back. I'm pretty sure if your fiance had hair like us he'd probably want it cut off too. ;)


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