so i ordered a 36" polypro. {my first one}

it arrived in the mail & it's larger than my 40" hoop. i'd say it's about 41".

it's also very flimsy & bendy when you try to hoop &/or hand hoop with it.

sooo...i guess what i'm asking, is will it be what i wanted if i cut it down?

any ideas/input would be very welcome!

thanks so much.

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36 is usually the largest you want a u have pvc cutters?

Hopefully. If it even is polypro looks like they had a hard time fulfilling your order there. I've heard of people saying they have 40" polypros that work fine. Mines 38" and I can't see it getting flimsy if it were bigger. But that's just me. Hopefully it works out, or just get a refund. 

Where did you order it from?

I feel like no matter what size your polypro is it shouldn't be bouncy at all...maybe if the connection isnt good.  You should deff try cutting it down tho...I sell polyrpos and I usually dont make hoops bigger than 38''...good luck!

Yes, I agree - not bigger than 38" I also make Polypros!!

Did you contact the seller to find out why you didn't reveieve what you had ordered? I would start with them to see what they suggest. As others mentioned, it will be fine to cut down, especially since you have a few inches to play with.

I agree, I don't know who you ordered from, but whoever it was should be happy to help, especially since it was a prob;em on their part. They may send you a new one so you wont have to mess with altering the one you got.

Double-check both hoops for size - use a measuring tape and measure all the way around the outside of the hoop then divide by pi (3.14). That will give you the actual size and you'll know if it's the new one or the old one (or both) that had the wrong size attributed to it.

push button connector....and not cut straight...jagged on one side.

thanks for all the advice guys :)

much appreciated...i suppose i shall ask for opinions of sellers here before i buy.


and u measure the inside of hoop not the outside...if youre a hooper that gets inside your hoop you need to know the space on the inside of the hoop not the outside. if you do an outside measurement the outside measurements will be off depending on how thick your tubling is. i ordered a 36' hoop and because it was measured outside it was actually more of a 34' hoop.

and yes polypro is going to be bouncy....especially if youre doing fast brakes and stuff like that. shoot just when i carry my hoops they tend to bounce a bit and the largest i carry around with me is a 34"

Polypro is whatever you want it to be, you want it to be fast and bouncy, you can make it do that. If you want it to be slow and hardly moving, yet still connecting with your body, you can do that.
I say if you ordered a hoop and you recieved it and it was jaggedly cut like that, then I would figure something out for getting them to replace it. I think if you're paying for a hoop it should be perfect. If you're making it, that's a different story but you're paying somebody to do something that you can do yourself.


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