hello fellow hoopers i am doing a power point on hoop dance i need your help are there anythings you guys think i should really include anything is an awesome amount of help bc im kinda stuck on how to make it extra great!!

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Power point is just a handy tool for distributing information. I would start by determining how long your presentation is and then what you want to share about hooping. Organize your deck into each topic you want to cover and then fill out the slides. From a business perspective the slides should be highlights you want to cover but not everything you want to say. People should be expected to skim the slide as you speak to it. A great powerpoint also includes great public speaking


Ideas for sections to cover

Hooping history

Modern hooping

Reasons to hoop

Demonstration video

Hooping basics

Types of hoops and tools

Where you can learn more about hooping online and locally

you could also include a few short videos, to demonstrate some of the things you are talking about. less than a minute.

Especially if they are videos of you. Your school audience will like that.

The most important part of any presentation is the message you want people to understand when you are finished. So think hard about yours before you begin your outline. All of the below will have really different spins on the same basic material:

Anyone Can Hoopdance

Hooping is Healthy

Hoopdance is Hot

History of Hoopdance

Linette's Hoopdance Experience

Thanks guys this helps a lot


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