Hey everyone! 

So I am "with child" and very excited. When I found out, I purchased a pregnancy hoop from Hoopnotica, but aside from that haven't been very successful in finding resources for prenatal hooping. Should I just stick to practicing off the body tricks and keeping it off of the baby bump? 

I was fire and LED hooping as well and have been asked to do some performances but have been hesitant because I'm worried about how audiences will take to a pregnant hooper. My trick arsenal is somewhat limited now! ;) 

What are your thoughts on this? Any suggestions on online or video resources for me to continue hooping while pregnant?

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I don't really have any more resources for you, but I was wondering, what makes the difference between a pregnancy hoop and a regular one? I mean, it makes sense that it'd be lighter and bigger, but is there anything about it that makes purchasing one from a professional company a better idea than making one yourself? not criticquing, I'm just honestly curious what makes it different.
i kept hooping with my bump until about 6mths, then i got to big and awkward, i still can hoop but all that relaxin has made my hip joints funny. Now i try to keep it off the body or practicing kick starts and leg hooping which i am awesome at now... i also got some minis to practice different tricks with!
Now i got 2 weeks left to go and i can't wait to get back into my waist hooping!!!
I only wish I'd had my hoops when I was pregnant (a long time ago-- my twins are 23!!)

But there are several Hoop Citizens who've hooped through their pregnancies.
Here's a recent vid that should inspire you!
you are like the hoopcity oracle... librarian of all hoop threads lol
I just recently went through this.... from what I found online any physical activity you were doing prior to becoming pregnant you can still do while pregnant assuming you are not high risk or anything. My hoop is 3/4 inch 160 PSI and I hooped with it till about 6 months than I had to give in and switch to the 100 PSI hoop. The only difference I found was that I had to take breaks more often rather than jamming out for and hour straight. I don't have a whole lot of experience with this since I had 2 surgeries through out the pregnancy that prevented me from hooping at all.

There is a group on here for just you situation though...

I want to share some advise whether this is your first or you already have children. Take pictures and video of everything even the delivery. I know you really don't want it on video and it may be gross and you may never watch it again but in the off chance that something happens you will wish you didn't tell your partner no. I say this having recently gone through it. My son (second by birth, first with my fiance) was born on May 5th 2010 and passed away on May 17th from SIDS. I wish I had more pictures of me pregnant, of the delivery, of him with daddy, or siblings, or anything for that matter. You can't go back in time but if you have pictures it helps keep the memories alive. I wish you tons of luck in your pregnancy and delivery. I hope to see you on the prego hoop group :)
oh! I just found an amazing pregnancy hooping vid! Here you go

Two videos of Rayna from Hoopnotica that I was impressed with:

Her blog on Hoopnotica.com: http://www.hoopnotica.com/blog/rayna/
I talked to my doctor about this - and basically, if it hurts, don't do it.

If you are not high risk, you should be fine - it is not actually traumatic to the baby at all, and most times, once you get bigger, you aren't actually hooping over the bump at all - more above and below it. So, no biggie. You might find, though, in the first trimester that it really tuckers you out! I know that I was pretty exhausted for the first 3 months.

Ish - who is currently almost 17 weeks pregnant - and still hooping.

PS. Oh, and come join us in the group pregnant hoopers - there are a few of us in there!

Hey Natalia, I have a 4 month old and did a whole lot of hooping during my pregnancy. I tought classes through my 4th month and by my 5th month I had put down my fire hoop for the rst of my pregnancy. I only did it a few time while pregnant and usually at the beach or on the river so the breeze would help me from breathing in the fuel.That was my biggest concern, plus fire hooping already makes spectators nervous you throw a baby bump in the mix and you maught not get the responce you'd like. As far as everything else, your own body will be the biggest indicator of how far you can go. I would just avoid jump throughs and shoulder stands and I encourage you to waist hoop in both currents regularly to help avoid an increase in back pain which your already gonna have enough of. I loved being a pregnant hoooper and making videos, I shared a few and saved some just to look back on later and smile. My most recent video is of me hoop dancing with my baby girl and I think it's the sweetest thing i've ever done. So keep it up, it's great to have an outlet to keep you active through your pregnancy and I wish you all the best. Happy hooping!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btTkbxWseFA     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APzUUWIN54I   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBEYnFT-Obc


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