Hello fellow hoopers & flow artists~ I'm new to hoop city & am looking forward to meeting many of you!  I Just relocated to vermont via florida & oregon... brrr!  will be attending a mini spin jam in troy, ny tomorrow (2/2) & am excited to get togather w/my new fire performer friends!  my question to all of you is: do you know the promo code to identi~tape's website?  I'm ready to place an order & can't remember the code.  I originally saw it posted on hooping.org & forgot to jot it down.  If anybody out there knows the code, or where to find it online, PLEASE let me know <3           thanx, Jennifyre

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it's "hula hula" - 10% off
hula hula is the correct code, but I think the discount is 15% as that's what I received a couple weeks ago.
you are correct! also, you have to spend at least $100 to use the code.
wonderful~ thanx girls!! i did finally locate it earlier today~ just after posting here... knew it was some thing obvious, lol ;)
Yeah; that isn't working for me, does it have to be like, over $100 or something?

Okay - ya'll just saved me 15% on an identitape order today! hula hula!

I just wanted to let everyone know that today I went to place a $200+ order and when I typed in the 'hula hula' Hooping.org discount code, it only gave me 10% off. It makes a huge difference! I wrote them asking why the change. I implore all of you who buy tape from them to do the same!

I'm just curious... did you get a response back from them? I am putting together what I want for a first-time order from them and it is also only giving a 10% discount for over one hundred dollars. Not that that is a bad discount by any means, it's just that 15% is just that much sweeter :D


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