If I had a million dollars...


I'm sure i'm not the only person who has a ton of fun toys bouncing around in their head. What's your list of prop/dance related items you are really itching to get?! Also if anyone knows any stellar deals for an item on someone else's list post it!


Here's mine!

double staffs

UV flags

2 additional fire hoops for doubles and triples 

fire minis

fire flow wand

an atomic hoop (to complement my psi that i love)

a belly dance costume 

isis wings 

khaos fans (because i'm tired of my heavy ones) 



*sigh* one prop at a time!!

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mm yeah the atomics are so tasty!

Fire insurance

Fire fans

Fire poi

5 quick wicks (to create a 2nd fire hoop for doubles)

2nd LED (for double LED hooping)

Tennis grip (to add to my staff for contact moves)

And a couple costume pieces taht would create a monumental list unto themselves. ;-)


PS: Double staffs, both fire and practice, are super easy to make. Let me know if you want more info.


go with S.A.F.E group fire insurance it's only $125 based in overland park,ks. I know Cyricx, the founder, he is trust worthy and a talented fire performer.
i would really like to get the a lightweight pipe for the double staffs do you know of anything other than aircraft aluminum which is really hard to get?


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