Home of the HELIX Hoop with over 250 presets and custom color modes!

Batteries and Charges Evenly spaced rechargeable lithium cells (not user-replaceable)
Tubing 3/4" OD Polypro or 3/4" OD HDPE
Grip Comes with sanding strips to customize
Collapsible Yes, push-button release
Switch Push-button power on/off
Balanced Each size has unique placement of internal components and battery cells for perfect balance
Weight This varies by size, of course.  Do you have a guideline on how you would like this measured to be standard across all LED hoops?  Everyone seems so shy to release real honest detailed info so it's hard for hoopers to compare!  Might I suggest something like "Total weight of a 32" hoop" as a baseline?
LED Noise Silent, no rattling.
# of LEDs in one hoop and Choices

Approx. 80-100, depending on size.
You can change the hoops color so any color your heart desires!

Minis? Not at this time.
Warranty 1 year.  More information at
Prices $399


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  • State positives and negatives you've experienced.
  • Describe what happened in detail.
  • Overall do you recommend that hoop, and who would you recommend it to?
  • Please wait several weeks or several months before reviewing an item as some problems only become apparent after prolonged use.
  • Remember that LED hoops are specialized pieces of equipment that are made with love and care. Please be honest and respectful in writing your review.

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someone please please please leave helix reviews ^_^ please? lol 

u can write to me . 

  i own a helix

Okay here is goes! I have not had the hoop for long at all but I figured I would write a review since so many people are curious about the it! All hoops have there issues with time but this is my initial review! I have a 3/4od 31in polypro Helix and it is pretty freakin awesome. It blows away any other led hoop I have or I have ever seen. If you haven't seen it in action search for it on youtube, there are quite a few videos available now.


-It is super light, way lighter then I thought it would be considering the amount of leds it contains. Actually I think its lighter then my regular led hoop.

-The preset modes are CRAZY, like melt your face off crazy. They look amazing and are really well done, a lot of time and effort went into the programing of this hoop. There are all kinds of designs like solid colors, windmills, checkerboards, zigzags, rainbows, a million different strobing combinations, a whole bunch I don't even know how to describe. This hoop is definitely a show stopper and will mesmerize anyone that lays their eyes on it.

- Has a Ultimate Shuffle mode that you get to by pressing the 2 mode buttons down at the same time. It shuffles through all the patterns and combinations (including makes up some new ones I think) on random. They change so fluidly and well timed it looks amazing.

- Comes with free downloadable software so you can plug your hoop into the computer and make up your own modes. Then you can share those modes with friends. You also can program it to match bpms of songs and change modes a certain times for performances (i have not tried this).

- It is super bright, brighter then any other hoop out there by far. If you are looking to the brightest hoop that will be a beacon of light, this is the one.

- It has a carbon fiber connecter piece that protects the hardware for extra durability.

- Comes with a wall charger and a car charger and it charges very quickly, about a hour.

- Has two mode buttons and a power button. The modes are easy to navigate through and the buttons are recessed. 

- You can partially coil it down for travel, I wouldn't coil it down all the way, instead half coil and tape the ends down.

- I haven't had to deal with customer service but the owner Craig is always on Facebook answering questions and responding to peoples emails.

- I have dropped it several times and its fine. Its definitely built to take a beating, of course if you want a more durable hoop go with the hdpe.
- It has a one year warranty.


- It took forever to get! I waited 13 weeks for it to come, it was very frustrating but it was worth it when it finally came. I think the wait now is around 8 weeks but be mentally prepared to wait.

- The software isn't available for mac yet, I have a mac so I am unable to use my hoop to the fullest or review the software.

- There is no mode guide (yet at least) its easy to get lost in all the crazy modes and when you find one you like its sometimes hard to find it again!

- There is a gap in the leds (where the carbon fiber connector and the hardware are) its about 4 inches. Once the hoop is moving it is not noticeable. When I first saw the gap I wasn't sure about it but now that I have the hoop I don't even think about or notice the gap. Plus the carbon fiber connecter where the gap is protects the hardware, I would rather have a long lasting hoop!

- It rattles slightly, I here it usually when I do breaks or reversals. Its not bad and its a very quiet rattle, with music on you cant hear it at all. I think with the way the led strips are made it might be impossible to avoid this completely.

- Even though the buttons are recessed I do turn the hoop off or change the mode accidentally sometimes

- I feel like the balance is off slightly, there are 4 batteries and the connector spaced around the hoop. Since there are 5 points of weight they do not directly off set one another which is why I think it feels a little off. Not a big deal just takes some getting used too.

Overall the pros far outweigh the cons and the cons are only minor issues. Some of which I'm sure will be resolved in the near future like the mac software and the mode guide. It is a bit pricey, I believe it is $399 now plus $28 shipping but it is definitely worth it. After all the Atomic Pro is $379 + shipping and doesn't have close to as many modes or is as bright, in fact they charge for extra modes, while the Helix you can customize yourself. If your going to splurge on a programmable led hoop you might as well get the top of the line!

Thanks so much for taking the time for such a great review, Jessi!  Your review is definitely very much in line with the feedback we're hearing as well and we couldn't be more proud.

We continue to grow and become more efficient so the wait time is indeed lessening all the time.  As of today the wait is indeed about 8 weeks but we're expecting to be able to continue to further reduce that over the coming few weeks.

For those wondering, the details for every order can be viewed on our website once placed that shows an estimated wait time for shipment that's constantly updated.  Being able to check on your shipping date at any time and watch it get closer helps make the wait for the most amazing LED hoop ever made *slightly* more tolerable!  :)

Love and (LED) Light!
-The Proton Labs Team

OK so here it is my review. first off id like to start by saying how absolutely incredible the customer service has been. Craig has done everything possible to take care of an issue i had. he lived up to his word on this issue and was super nice about it even though i was being a little cranky about it. The hoop is the absolute most amazing hoop ever i went to a fest last weekend and hooped next to a girl that had the atomic and lets just say the response i got was wayyyyy better then the one she got even though she is a more experienced hooper then i am. The hoop is so bright that it hurts my eyes a bit and i get attacked by bugs when hooping LOL it is adjustable though i just like my eyes to burn!!! the patterns are really beautiful :) and the custom preset designer software is really easy to use and super fun! I did wait for 3 months to the day for my hoop to arrive and i didnt get it in time for symbiosis BUT it really was worth the is super light weight and responsive to a degree i had never experienced I have only been hooping about 5-6 months but once i got used to it i started to feel that all my other hoops made with irrigation tubing are all to heavy lol and i do not have the flow with them that i do with my helix. I am sooo in love with this hoop and very highly recommend it not only because the hoop is so amazing but because you are supporting a company that is reliable and really deserves to be recognized for how wonderful they truly are!

I'm also concerned about the rattling, rattling means SOMETHING is banging against SOMETHING and I do lots of breaks and reversals so, this means in time an LED or two is going to break or stop working. There should be a mode guide too, Or I guess we could just make them ourselves

They are not leds like a regular led hoop has in them they are a strip like this

I think what im hearing is the strip shaking, the leds are not hitting the tubing. They are padded all the way around to minimize the shake, and the batteries are padded too. I think the only way to get rid of it would be to completely wrap the leds in something which would add weight to the hoop. I would rather have a super light hoop that rattles a tiny bit then a heavier one that doesn't. The rattle is only very slight and doesnt bother me at all compared to how cool the hoop is. Also it might just be my hoop I dont know if other have had a similar experience.

I have a super-light two-circuit PSI that doesn't rattle at all, and I do a lot of breaks/reversals. Pretty sure that whatever he wrapped around the LEDs to keep them from rattling hasn't added any additional weight. I would rather have a well-made LED hoop that is light AND doesn't rattle - even just a little. I kind of have to agree with Mira, any kind of rattling would make me nervous. Nothing should be shifting around in there.

He probably wraps them with clear packing tape, thats the lightest easiest way to silent a rattling hoop (takes up alot of tape though!). Im not sure if you could wrap the led strip with packing tape and still get it through the tubing like you can do with regular leds. Well if I crack my tubing I will probably replace it myself and I will be the first one to try! My hoop has to get sent back anyway its messed up /: after I take it to burning man though, I waited so long for it I am not going to miss playing on the playa with it!

i just got my helix last month and it doesn't rattle at all.  i love it, still trying to work out some bugs though...


i agree with everything jessi said! the helix is def worth the investment.. but i was wondering if the car chargers are standard with shipping because i never got one with mine?

i think that was a promotional deal for the first couple hundred orders. 


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