I'm about to host a hoop play and taster session next week, free of charge to some mums I met through Netmums. The idea is to get a feel for hooping and the kind of things it can do for you, mind body and spirit. I'm really stuck though, do I really need public liability insurance for this one off? I looked into getting quotes but I got stuck half way through because I'm not part of, nor do I own a company. I'm not even self-employed!


Any ideas?

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probably not. I would think you would only need it if you are a business or holding formal teaching classes, but even then I know hoopteachers that do not have it and it doesn't seem to be an issue. Where are you holding this gathering? if its in your house or apartment homeowners or renters insurance is good to have.
I'm holding it in a park near my home. I would think it seems like a lot of hassle for a one off event, right?
You may just want to have everyone sign a liability waiver if you are providing the hoops. You can find them for free online. They have you sign one of these when you rent a jet ski or go horseback riding. Kinda of a CYA . In case they break their glasses or whatever.
Oooh, great idea! Thanks!


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