Has anyone gotten a quadruple belly button piercing? They are "anchors" Does anyone know if I could still hoop if I got the piercings?

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you probably wouldn't want to hoop for a while after getting the piercing because you wouldn't want to irritate the piercings and cause rejection/movement since that seems like it relies on placement a fair amount. i'd probably ask a piercer what their opinion is, but repetitive irritation of a new piercing is never a good idea.
i wouldn't think it would be a problem on they are fully healed, and i mean fully, sometimes they take a while to heal in that area. Do you already the normal belly button piercing? I hoop with mine and have never had any problems but i have mine pierced for 10 years.



I'm not telling my story to tell you it's bad, not at all. I think it is a great piercing BUT ... I'm telling my story so you don't get the same bad experience I had and maybe my story can help somebody some day ... I'd be glad if it did.


I got a piercing like that five years ago and ended up in the emergency room a 1st of January with a beginning of a septicemia my bf had to hold me while we were hitchhicking there because I could barely move.


well ... When I think about it makes me laugh but I wasn't laughing at the time.


I had the piercing for 2 or 3 month. It was really really pretty and loved it. But the piercer really was a stupid lady. She pierced me once while I was lying and when I standed up it was all twisted.  A friend of mine told me after that you should do the dots where you want to pierce while standing up because your tummy is not the same standing up or lying down (those that make sense? English is not my firs language).


so she re-pierced me again at the same spot. And I think it irritated the skin a lot to be pierced twice.


I took good care of it (I had other piercings so I know how to take care of piercings). But on the night of the 31st it got really really infected and a lot of pus was comming of of it (sorry, it's a bit disgusting but that's life) and of course all piercing shops where closed so I decided to wait and see. I didn't take of the piercing because it is better to still have holes to evacuate the pus.


But at 6am, my whole body was aching and I could barrely move so my bf took me to the hospital (hitchhiking because we had no cars and I didn't want to call my parents ah!ah!).


Coming to the point: those kind of piercing look really really good and if you wanna do it, go for it!

But you have to know and your piercer will tell you the same if he/she is a good piercer that you often have rejects after months or maybe a year. It just fells off (it's not the same gore story as mine).


And from my story, I would say, take extremly good care of the piercing and avoid at all costs repetative and irritating movements on it, at least for the first month. Those kind of piercing take a long time to heal, At leat 6 months (didn't event get the chance to go there) sometimes more.


it's weird but talking about that made me want a new piercing :)





I have microdermal anchors in my hips and hooping isn't a problem.. I mean it was when I very first started hooping.

As long as they are healed and the hoop isn't excessively heavy it should be fine I think:)

I would say make sure your peircer knows what they are doing.. The anchor needs to lay with the muscle.. That's why some fall out because they are facing the wrong way.
also, make sure it's sergical grade titanium! This is the most important part:)

I have had mine for over 3 years.. never an issue

I have three belly button piercings and they have never bothered me while hooping.


I've had them, though, for about 7 years now and have only been hooping for the past 3 years....but once they're healed you shouldn't have any problem hooping. I would probably practice more off-body than on-body for the first couple months, though! :)

I have 5 microdermals on my chest they are only about a month old and are fine even wile chest hooping
I think it might be a bad idea.. you won't be able to hoop for a little while. anchors are a cool piercing they look super awesome and heal very quickly but take my advice... the ONLY issue I have with my microdermal anchor (it's on my face next to my eye) is hooping. Hitting it or snagging it on anything makes it hurt a lot and it will start to push out a little bit if you hit it too much .... i've done this lots hooping SO THEN i decided I wanted it taken out.. looked that up on youtube and it's a terribly disgusting painful and bloody process. Needless to say I kept it in and it's in pretty good condition now. So before you get one, check out a video of it coming out.. and if you still want it then get it, they are very pretty. Had I known then what I know now, I probably wouldnt have gotten one


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