I am trying to make an LED hula hoop for the first time! And it is very complicated, (at least I think so :)

If anyone can answer my question I would be super greatful!

(Please note, my language when discussing this may be off a little, I'm not technical)

I am wondering about forward currents of LEDs.  I have some LEDS with a Forward current of 3.5-4.5V

What type of battery system will work with these LEDs?  I am having a hard time figuring out the correlation between LED Voltage and start Voltage.

Plus, if you string together LEDS with different voltages, will this affect the longevity of the battery power?
I.E. if I have 12 3.5-4.5 V LEDs and 12 2.4V LEDs will this affect the batteries life-time?

Thanks!! Happy Huuuupping.

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What kind of hoop are you building? Is is going to be internally rechargeable (have a dc jack and plug into the wall) or do you want to be able to pop the batteries in and out and recharge them externally? The best battery/power source choice could depend on your design.

You are going to need at least 3.5 volts to get the leds with a forward voltage of 3.5-4.5 to light up bright. Those volts could come from a single battery or several batteries wired in a series. You can mix and match leds with different voltages and it wont be a problem you will just need resistors so the ones with a lower forward voltage so they wont burn out (or maybe all of them depending on the battery you choose). The battery life depends on the current each led draws, about 20 to 30mAH (milliamp-hours) per led and the supply of the battery you choose. This stuff can get confusing and complicated! There is lotsss of information out there though.

Also if you haven't checked out prodmod.com he has everything you need to build a led hoop and instructions to help you.


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