I'm so frustrated with the cost of birth control pills! I used to take them and in 4 years the price went from $30 to $50 so I quit them... which I hated doing because I'm married and NOT ready for kids yet. Anyhoo... I hear there is a generic brand of the pill now called Ocella. So I asked my doc to write me a script. I ASSUMED it would be $30 at the most. I just picked it up and it was $60!!! WTF!!??? This has to be a mistake... right???

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I really have no idea about the pill (I've actually never been prescribed it as a form of BC), but I would suggest looking into a more semi-permanent form of BC. I am currently on Implanon, a three year implanted device that releases etonogestrel. I got it under health insurance two years ago so unfortunately I don't know what it would cost out of pocket. I suggest talking with your GYN about it and seeing if it would be a better method of BC for you.

I really love having it :) It's very freeing not having to worry about taking a pill every day at the same time haha!
Did you notice any hormonal effects? I wonder if it's a lower dose/release than BC...
I have had one of these for three years (having my new one on Monday) and it is great because there's no hassle, but it took about a year for my body to get used to it - I went up a dress size (two bra sizes!!), bled a lot when I shouldn't be and was horribly emotional for a few months. I only stuck with it because the other options were the injection which gives you a massive boost of the same hormones in the implant, and so could be even worse, or something even more permanent like an IUD - and I wasn't willing to risk the same kind of reaction to something so longterm (and painful to insert).

The good thing about this is you can have it removed immediately if it doesn't work for you - the effects stop and fertility returns immediately.
I haven't really noticed any side effects from using this BC in the two years I've had it which is awesome :) Then again, I haven't really noticed side effects with any BC I've been on (my GYN started me on the Patch, then moved me to the Ring). I used to be terribly emotional around that time of the month and once I started on BC everything smoothed out. The thing with the Implanon is it doesn't release estrogen so it's a good choice for women who have side effects from estrogen-releasing methods of BC.
Implanon is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I switched from the pill to the implanon in Jan. 2008. I lost 5 lbs (the weight I held from being on the pill), and have had minimal side effects. Insurance through my job paid for all of it, except the co-pays. It's totally worth it and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a reliable birth control that they don't have to take a pill for everyday. Plus, it lasts for THREE YEARS. It's pretty much free with insurance. I really never even notice it being in my arm. And, I like that it can be taken out at anytime. I will have another one put in when this comes out in another year and a half, for sure.
i was on the shot. its a shot your butt cheek every three monthes. find out how much it is for you. if cost is the issue, you might want to look into something a litle longer lasting? i personally don't do well with birth control, it makes me really crazy and emotional, the shot especially (i also tried the patch before it was killing people) but the reason i went on the shot first is that i heard from so many girls that they really loved it. good luck in your journey for cheaper baby prevention!

This sounds interesting. Yeah, I'm really spastic lately and can't figure out if it's my diet or if it's hormonal. I find that I'm particularly crazy right when I start a new pack after a week off BC.
Do not go on the shot-I was on it for a year and gained 25 pounds. I lost it after another year after going off it. The shot is extremely bad for you. There have been law suits regarding it. My friend now is in the beginning stages of osteoporosis and she's not even 30 yet. It has a negative effect on your calcium intake and depletes your bone. I don't know why the pill costs so much? I've always been covered so I don't pay, but I don't think it's cost more than 25 bucks a month. What types are you taking?
my experience with the shot has not been good. i was on it from ages 19-22 and i was a wreck. every person i know who was on the shot, myself included, had to go on anti-depressants after being on it, while coming down from it. :(

the pill has been great for me, but it is so expensive now! i was on Ortho Tri-Cyclen, which was covered by my insurance and was $12. now, our prescriptions aren't covered and i am on Yaz, and its $58 per month :(
WHOA! That's crazy. I pay $60.00 dollars a month for a health care plan since I don't have an employer. It makes it so my BC is only $15.00 for 3 months.

I've actually been considering an IUD. I'm a bit worried though since I move around a lot and am creeped out by the idea of it shifting around.

** And IUD is basically a tiny T shaped object that is placed in the cervix and can remain there for up to 10 years. It's 99% effective and has been around since the early 1900s. It's really popular in Europe but hasn't really gotten much attention in North America.
My best friend, who is 25 and has 3 kids, has the IUD and she told me not to do it. She said she gets horrible cramps now, to the point that she sometimes has to take some kind of pain pill (I can't remember it right now) so that she can go about her day. But then again, everyone is different; BC pills made her crazy (her words) and other than the super-bad cramps she has been fine with the IUD.

I'm considering it myself as my co-pay for the pill is $20/month; I'm going to talk to my doc next month during my appointment to see if it would be a good option. I sure hope it doesn't move around -- that would be creepy!
Yeah, my gyn tried to talk me into it but it costs like $700 to have it put in! My insurance would not cover that either. You have it much better in canada than us! I hope the US gets with it soon!


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