Im going to be ordering some quick wicks... problem is, Im not quite sure Im measuring my hoops right (I read the tubing faq on the synergy website already). How do you measure the diameter of the hoop accurately? 

Also, I really jam with my 1/2 tubing, but Im not sure that its a good choice to have the quick wicks on. I feel like it would make the hoop a little floppy, but maybe not. 


If I order the mid size will it be able to go on the smaller sized hoops? Or is it set so that it will only fit on exact sizes?


Yikes Im a mess.

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I normally use 3/4" tubing so I ordered the 3/4" wicks however the wicks are the outside diameter and the hoop tubing is the inside so the wicks were too small and I had to use 1/2" tubing which is a bit bendier than my other tubing but it works well.
So you ordered the mid-size, correct? And it only fits on your 1/2" hoop? Hmm.

Re: floppy tubing... I've been using the Quickwicks on a 36" polypro; I think if the hoop diameter was any larger, the hoop would indeed seem "floppy" as you describe (just due to the added weight of the wicks). I recently tried the wicks on a 34" hoop, and while that's smaller than I normally use, I think I'll be getting a 34" polypro to use as a firehoop - it feels better.


Oh, and the wicks are freaking AWESOME.



I also am confused on the sizing of quick wicks.

So you have a half inch poly pro? Did you order the half inch wicks?

The polypro I have is 5/8" ID, 3/4" OD...  the Quickwicks I ordered are the ones labeled "3/4 OD" though they also fit onto the black tubing that I (and others) refer to as 1/2" 125 PSI.


It was a bit confusing at first but the thing to pay attention to (I think) is the tubing OUTSIDE diameter, which gets tricky because I think a lot of tubings are commercially referred to by their inside diameter. For example, the 1/2" 125 PSI PE tubing is actually 3/4" outside diameter, so the 3/4" OD Quickwicks fit on that just fine.


This page explains it best though...
just now saw this. thank you so freakin much, that cleared everything up.


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