Hello again quick question for anyone who could help me, the next thing I'm trying to learn is chest hooping an every time I try it jus hurts my chest an makes it hard to attempt chest hooping.. I use a 40 in is it to big or do I jus gotta get use to the pain lol, if any one could help I'd really appreciate it thanks a lot

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Try practicing with a 1/2 inch hoop vs a 3/4 inch hoop. That helped me with leaning chest hooping and leg hooping.

I learned chest hooping with that size hoop, too, 3/4 in. There came a point when it was too painful to continue, so I took a break for two or three days and when I started back, I was fine and haven't hurt at all since. I would suggest just taking a break on that part of your body and going back to it in a few days. As I discovered, there are always tricks on other parts of your body that you can practice while your waiting for that part of your body to heal! :-)

Where is it hurting?  Is it the muscles experiencing the workout, or are you getting hit by your hoop?

Believe it or not, the painful part for me was when I didn't keep the hoop up above the "bra line" and the hoop hit me right across the girls.  OW!!  I was afraid to give the pushes enough energy because that extra energy also meant hitting me where it hurts again if it wasn't strong and consistent enough.  You're all going to die laughing on the floor, but I actually made "boob guards" for my bra out of cardboard, using removable bra cups as a template, and VOILA!!  I could chest hoop fearlessly without holding back and if the hoop did hit me there it didn't hurt much at all.

I find the hard plastic hoops or those made from superpex hurt more to learn this skill with, so I used the poly hoops that have some forgiveness in them.  I also learned on 40" hoops for this just fine.

Also be prepared to go at it daily for a couple of weeks, making sure you are emphasizing your back push.


okayyy thank yu alll so i need a new hoop huh? mine is really thick an heavy so yea it kills, so make some padding in my bra? haha an what can i learn in the mean time? awhh need helpp, thanks yu guys alot


Trying to learn chest hooping with a hoop that big can be pretty hard. I didn't learn it until I downsized in inches, although I'm pretty sure I still used 3/4 inch tubing. Maybe you can cut your hoop down a few inches? In the mean time i would work on something like leg hooping, a little less painful :)

Okay thanks a lot that's exactly what I'll do :) bu I don't really kno how to cut my hoop down? I'm thinking I may buy a new hoop, I started a week ago do u kno what sizes I should down size too? Sorry for all the questions very must appreciated tho

If you've just started hooping a week ago, I suggest taking it slow! I didn't learn chest hooping until about the 1 year mark as it is a pretty difficult thing. Check out the tutorials on here and on YouTube for help getting started and beginners moves. I didn't downsize from my 40 inch until after a month or so, then moved onto a 38 inch and down from there as time went on. Just keep practicing! :) Happy hooping!

You're just going to make a couple dozen different hoops in all shapes and sizes and use them all until you find the one that allows your chest to hoop with it. 

Maybe you should learn different tricks in the meantime.

I wanted to chest hoop so bad at one point, but it was when I stopped hoping that it finally happened. I focused on other tricks for a long time. Then it just clicked. GL.

Okay cool (: thank u guys so muchhh for the help I really needed it. :D
Okay cool (: thank u guys so muchhh for the help I really needed it. :D


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