What are you starting to get the hang of lately?

I have FINALLY been able to hoop around my waist. I havent been able to EVER do that. I figured out that my problem was my hoop was too small. When I made my hoop i made it by just sizing it up against my body and not measuring it. It stood about and inch or so above my belly button and I tried and tried to wasit hoop with it and it just wasnt happening. So, finally i measured it. Well, it was only a 38inch  hoop. Duh, problem identified. so then i made a 45 inch hoop and on the 2nd or 3rd try i got it. Can keep it there for about a min but i am sooo proud of it.
I then let my 5 year year old daughter try my smaller hoop and she picked it up right away =) so now we have our own little hoop sessions.
Also, I nailed the escalotor tooo. yay!!!

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Nice! Videos are super awesome :) Gives me major bruises on the sides of my knees though :-x
I finally got the movents down for chest hooping, and i can kinda keep it up there, it just seems im having trouble with speed/momentum i guess, it gets too slow and falls from my chest.... still trying though

the other day at a hoop jam i got elbow hooping, chest isolations, and some other things going.

Ive also got the escalator, vortex, whirlpool, "floating" the hoop, raising the hoop from my waist to my chest, and isolations down.

been working on pizza toss, the roll the hoop over your back one (i keep smacking myself in the head), and my flow.

gonna go try chest hooping again in a bit! :-)
LOL I kept smacking myself in the face when I first started to roll over my back haha love the learning process.
Amazing progress fellow hoopers! Reading all about your achievements is so inspirational!

Just conquered Knee hooping and it was HUGE! Because I actually threw my hoop across the room last week when I couldn't get it and was bruising the crap out of my leg and foot.


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