Hi hoopers. Just want to let every know that there is a return to roots festival, which is a hoop, yoga, and music festival in The Mystic Forest in PA August 2-6. I am sort of a beginner but still wanted to go. They. Say there are workshops for everyone. Is anyone interested in going?

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Im going to try and go for two or three days!

im going for the whole five days!! so excited, im going allll by myself, its my first time by myself that i'll be going to a retreat, festival, even camping. so its a new experience new to me, but i know there will be good vibes like any other gathering ive been to :).  i hope to see u there! :)



Carleigh. I want to go so bad. I don't know anyone so I want to bring someone

where r u comin from? maybe we could be hoop buddies! :) that would b awesomeee



I'm going! Super excited, this will be my first flow arts fest :)

Is everyone camping

I am so happy to see this thread! I am on the outreach team for R2R

Reference Code: Birdie2012 to discount any ticket $5.00 (group discounts too)

Everyone will be camping together in the mystical forest Jen and for an additional $40.00 you can have a tentsite all set up for you apon your arrival. I am more than happy to answer anymore questions you may have regarding this truly amazing event. 

I have a facebook hooptribe page as well www.facebook.com/845hooptribe

I cannot wait to meet and share this experience with all of the hoop community attending. 

I'm from ny. We can totally exchange numbers. Maybe have a hoop jam via Skype. And meet at festival. I'm sort of a beginner as u can see in my videos. I stopped for a while but now I have started up again. I just ordered an led hoop for festival.

that sounds awesome, ill messege u


I got my tickets. It's official. I'm so excited

yayyy!!! i cant wait to meet  u! along with all these great people!!

I would LOVE to go to this, did I see that Brecken will be there?? Anyone coming from VA or maybe NC area that would want to road trip it??


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