I bought a HDPE Sacred Flame hoop several months ago and I have to tell everyone how awesome it is!  It's super light-weight and responsive.  The design is beautiful. (I got the sugar skulls.) And it's incredibly well balanced.  You can coil it up for travel and the bendy wicks make it less likey that you'll hurt the spines if you drop it.  There is nothing not to like about this hoop!


One word of advice if you get one: be sure you shake the fuel off as you pull it out of the dip can, because some of the hoop is bare plastic, if can get a little slick if you drip fuel on it. 


The customer service is wonderful.  Slang is super helpful and totally on the ball.  If you've been on the fence about this hoop, go for it.  You will be so glad you did!

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Love sacred flame and slang.  I have a normal day hoop (nebula/purple glitter) and a fire hoop (sugar skulls/pink mirror)  that I am completely in love with.  I won't ever go anywhere else!
Love Sacred Flame too.... I have a silver isolation hoop (an HDPE Rajistani) that I saw someone else hoop with for the first time last night and I was blown away by how beautiful it was.

My new polypro (Maya/silver accent) just made it to customs and will be here soon(ish) I hope! I can't wait.
So much word! I tell people all the time how awesome her hoops are. I have a polypro and HDPE from Slang. They are such great quality!
Her hoops and attention to detail in everything she does is freakin amazing! I am so glad I waited and got one of her hoops instead of the ones I was eye-balling before. I am in LOVE. (I have some videos up on www.youtube.com/neonemu so you can see how responsive it is!)
just checked out one of your vids! so spectac! which fire hoop did you get? and in what size? thanks<3
I love Slang & Sacred Flame as well!! I have a HDPE Rajistani fire hoop, a skulls & puple mirror polypro day hoop, and a HDPE Tibetan day hoop and they all rock! The polypro basically changed my life and definately changed my flow for the better!
I just ordered my first fire hoop from sacred flame!!! Super super SUPER excited!
Love love love my Sacred Flame Trinity Fire Hoop!!! Definitely the best I have ever spun! It's absolutely beautiful with the Eye of Horus w/gold accent. The wicks and spines are super flexy light.  I cant imagine being happier! Thank you Slang!!
Love my Sacred Flame hoop too!  I am actually going to buy another Polypro to match the one I already have... wanna mess with some twins moves!
I just had my first performance with the sacred flame hoop my fire troupe bought (at my recommendation) to replace a super heavy fire hoop they'd been using for years. It was amazing! Such a major difference. Going to upload some videos my sister took of me hooping with it. I'm considering buying one for myself, since they're so affordable and beautiful.
just bought one for myself, ha ha. I couldn't resist the Tibetan solid gold hoop. I can't wait to try out some double fire hooping with these bad boys :D
best pic I could find of my most recent performance with the Sacred Flame hoop my troupe has. Can't wait for my own!


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