Same colors or two different ones? I want your opinion!


Hi everyone!


So... I'm having a dilemma.  I primarily hand/mini hoop these days and I am finally a day or two away from purchasing a pair of LED mini hoops, yay!  I love love love MoodHoops and I am going to buy the mini's from them, just as I've purchased all of my single LED hoops from them as well.  


I am having a total episode of choice paralysis in deciding whether to get two of the same or two different colors.  Two of the same would create a sort of continuity when doing tricks like buzzsaws and butterflies but two different colors would have a different visual effect but I worry that it would ruin certain moves by diminishing the 'optical illusion' effect so-to-speak, does that make sense?

The photos below are the two hoops I'd like to choose from -- either two of the pink or one pink, one blue.  What do you think?  


Love love love, kynd

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I did the same thing when I was choosing my mini's, and I went for two of the same... I got the spectrum ones, and I'm very happy with my decision. My husband helped me make it. He said -If the two different colors don't look as awesome as you hoped together, you'll be disappointed, and you know for sure they'll look awesome if they match. He knows me pretty well and you're right for things like butterflies and buzzsaw, the two of the same look amazing!


Sweet, Kacie... your answer is exactly what I was looking for.  It is so difficult to choose from so many pretty hoops -- I have several different singles and though this is my first mini purchase, I doubt it will be my last.   

Out of curiosity, I want to know about your Spectrum hoops.  I've been so close to buying a single Spectrum but I decided to get others instead.  I've only seen the Spectrum through YouTube videos and though I think it is an anomaly of the filming, the Spectrums look impossibly bright.  I mean, don't get me wrong, the brightness of these hoops is one of the main reasons why I choose MoodHoops but on the clips at least, it looks like the white drowns out the rainbow because it is that bright.  Do you notice this at all?


And lastly, it's great to have such an awesome husband, huh!  My (might as well be) husband actually selected my very first LED (moodhoop) hoop without consulting me first and I will admit I was terrified when he told me he bought a hoop without telling me.  But in the end, he actually picked the one that I would have chosen -- he just knows me that well.  Great men, especially ones who are that in tune with their women, are hard to come by and worth holding on to!  Or at least holding on to their wallets so we can collect more hoops, hahaha.  


Thanks again!



My spectrum hoops are very very bright. Brighter than any LED that I've seen in person before. They are pretty amazing... The rainbow is subtle but it is there... Only when the hoop is moving though, so it looks white when you do an isolation, and the rainbows come out as soon as you spin them. The white is predominant though, which I personally like (love the look of all white hoops too).

I love them, and two other lovely ladies in my hoop troupe have them and love them as well. You can see how bright they are in this pic..


And yeah, my husband is pretty awesome and incredibly supportive and knows me well enough to know what I'd like, even if it's not his favorite. Definitely a keeper.


I think one of each would look awesome - it's like fire and ice! I've been meaning to make some minis with similar complementary colors of mirror tape for day use.

What about getting three mini hoops, two that match and one that does not? Email mood hoops and see if you can get a discount on the third one ( they may be able to ship it free with the other two) then you will have both options. Also be sure to mention their facebook for a free shipping upgrade.

What a great idea!  Actually... You gave me another idea: buy a pair of the same and another pair of two different styles so I can change them up as I want, yay!

Tigerlily and Muse look great together.

Thanks... I was immediately draw to these two colors and thought they would look great together.  Was also thinking about making customs using the Tropics style but arrange them in such a way to look like three wicks of fire hoops. LED style fire hoops! ;)

Two of the same are less distracting I think. The colors meld into one another and it really helps with some more illusion style tricks.

Why not buy three? Two the same and one different? Best of both worlds.


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