Hey hoopers,


I LOVE my Quick Wicks from Hoop Drum.  They are such an innovative design and I have nothing but great things to say about the company.  I ordered them about 6 months ago and they have brought me so much joy.  They are made for 3/4" tubing and are the larger wick size (1.5in wicks).  The only reason I am selling them is because I have switched to 1/2" tubing, and need the money to get another 6 piece set :-)


I paid $150 for them all together (not including shipping) and have used them less than 25 times, so they have a long life ahead of them  They are in great shape!  I'm willing to part with them for $100... Which is like getting 2 for free!  Here's a picture and video of them in use:



Let me know if you're interested!




*Must be sold as a 6 piece set

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How do you attach quick wicks?

Attaching quick wicks is super easy with a flat head screwdriver or butterknife... Here's info from the website:



I'm curious if they are as light as they seem. Does the hoop still weigh light compared to a regular fire hoop? Because my fire hoop from spinsterz is great, but it's way too heavy for me now, and I'm looking (hopefully I have the money) for something almost as light as a regular hoop.

they add a little weight but thats normal for any fire hoop. I personally only use four wicks on my fire hoop, it keeps it light and gives you space for tricks. Buying 100 psi, hdpe or polpro tubing for a fire hoop will help.


If you still have your wicks in 5 weeks Stellar I'd buy all six for $100.

quick wicks!!! I've been dreaming of buying some!!


I'm interrested!

i would love to buy them.
Hey! I've been looking at quick wicks for a while, and I don't know if yours are still available, but I would love to buy them!
if these are not purchased, the money can be in your pocket ASAP by me : ) Message me lady!
i'm assuming they're sold?



I'll pay at least $125

I just recieved mine and are having a TERRIBLE time trying to attach these, any tricks?


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