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I'm an intermediate hooper and while freestyle hooping is great fun I think I'm ready to learn a routine. My only problem is that I have no background in dance and I'm certainly no choreographer, I think I'm probably not the only one with this problem. So does anyone have a routine or video for teaching one they can share? Obviously you've got a special routine thats unique to you I don't want to steal it but if you've got a general one that I can learn/ alter it would be ever so helpful :) (Then maybe when I've had some experiance with choreography I can take a crack at it myself)

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Safire's classes have some combinations that might help you get started.
What I found works really well is listening to the music and instead of choreographing the entire thing, just listen for musical cues and say "Okay, I'm going to do off body hooping till the next cue then onto chest hooping..." but not really define where each move goes. As you keep practicing, you'll get into a habit of doing certain moves at certain times and it will look verrry choreographed. I did that the other week and a woman said to me, "it looks like you spent weeks on that routine!" where I had only spent a couple of hours a day for 3 days (:
Haha, thats good advice, thanks!
I actually have a bit of an allergy to "routines"-- my whole thing with hoop dance is learning to let go of plans & perfectionism, & instead become one with the music, so this (responding to musical cues) is completely my approach.

When I'm practicing a new trick, I make a point of thinking about possible transitions-- which moves flow into others nicely. I drill a couple of these at a time to get them under my skin, then when I'm done with drills, I just jam out & go with the feeling of the music & my mood at the moment. That for me is the ultimate hoop bliss!
I agree totally, The whole idea of hoopdance to me at least, is to be free with movements, not to plan out each move but instead to just feel the music and go with the flow...even my performances are freestyle.


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