Lately I've been wanting to play with hooping to slower songs and I have been trying to find videos of other hoopers hooping to slower songs, but I'm not finding what I'm looking for. They dance to slower songs, but the speed of the hoop is still pretty fast. The movements are not matching the song, if that makes sense.

If anyone can help me find some videos for inspiration or give me advice on how to move slowly with my hoop and still make it look pretty that would be great. I know it's easier to hoop with a larger hoop, but the one I have right now is (I think) a 36" and (I think) 140 or 160 psi.

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Great Taylor, thanks!  I actually cringed knowing you saw my video, as I was so proud of it at 4 weeks, but now for some reason I see it as so clunky and boring, but I thought it would be neat to do a slow flow to it once every month, for 12 months (kind of like looking at a monthly picture of a growing baby), and then compare month 1 to month 12.  So, glad I posted it and thanks for the tip about moving with my hoop, I'll try that.  I will definitley get something out there to share again soon, and I'd love to see more from you.   So many amazing videos out there and awesome people so happy to be a part of this.   Because of your long white skirt and your question about slow flow, I just felt like, ahhh, here's a girl who feels the hoop the way I do.  It's fun connecting on here.  I just bought a LED hoop and although the colors are bright pink and orange and very beautiful, I wish I had gotten a blue/green one, since I like relaxing music more, I feel I need more relaxation in my life and it's amazing how the bright colors bring so much energy, and the cool colors are like a soothing ocean.   Well, nice chatting with you, and thanks for the inspiration! 

Oh don't worry about it. We all have those videos. I remember the first one I took and being so proud of myself learning the vortex. Now looking back at it, I am able to smile and laugh knowing that I've accomplished more than just that now. That's awesome about the LED hoop! I had a friend make me a polypro hoop and we put glow sticks in them as a cheaper version of a LED hoop haha.

Ive been looking for the same kind of videos!!! I love watching them :3

Idk if you've ever seen this video or any of her other ones, but she was actually one of my main inspirations when I was first learning to hoop. Her movements are slow and graceful and the overall dance looks very pretty. It looks like she could be using a 38" but with really thin tubing so it's still a light weight hoop

I think this is my only slow hoop dance video:


I guess this one is slow-ish but I'm focusing too much on doing both currents that it's not really that inspiring, the breaks are cool but I'm not fully "in it" you know.

Thanks everyone for the great replies!! They have all been very helpful! And SaFire, I loved both of your videos. And I just want to say that your video, "Love the Process", is one of my all-time favorite videos. It's so inspiring and it really helps me when I'm feeling down about my hooping skills or I'm having trouble with a move. Thank you so much!

I started with almost all top 40s dance music but recently I have moved to a lot of ambient music when I am working on flow. I am really grooving to Loscil, Pretty Lights, Gorillaz and Zoe Keating who all play pretty slow songs you can hoop to. I see a couple videos to Iron and Wine on here and can’t believe I hadn’t already added them to my mellow mix already.


I think you would be able to slow down off body tricks because they rely more on muscle control than hoop speed so if you mix your routine up with those it might appear that the hooping is slower overall.

I will definitely check those bands out. Another band I didn't think of until now are The Civil Wars. They have slower music and are very beautiful to listen to!

I hoop a lot to blues music, since I dance to blues, anyway! I feel really in touch with the musicality of those pieces, so it's easier for me to concentrate on hooping and go with the flow. Some of my favorites are Nina Simone, Etta James, and (more modern) Sharon Jones.

I'll try to get a video hooping to blues this weekend! (eep; getting ready to post my first video!)


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