Sometimes I wish I could just hoop naked.... (haha... read on!)

Just random and silly curiosity wondering if anyone else can relate to this... 

Some hooping tricks I do just cannot be done (well) wearing certain types of clothing.  So I guess my question for you is:  

Do you have issues executing certain moves when wearing 'too much' clothing?

  • For instance, shoulder tricks I need to have that skin-to-hoop contact and ideally with just a tiny bit of stickiness/sweat -- haha.  If I wear a tee-shirt -or worse yet, a hoodie! - the hoop just slides right off my shoulder as I duck out.  Sometimes, I can do off-shoulder moves without the skin contact but the successes are few and far between.  How frustrating!
  • Leg and knees...I like wearing long, flow-ey skirts with comfy/yoga-ish pants underneath, especially during the colder months.  I think I have nearly perfected bulky skirt hooping, haha but skirts tend to get in the way or get caught up when I hoop below the waist.  If I'm only wearing stretchy/cotton kind of pants, I can usually leg and knee hoop pretty well but if I wear loose fitting pants or if they're a certain kind of fabric, my hoop likes to slide right down to the ground, particularly when I hoop on one leg.  

So... I'm curious to hear others' frustrations or ideas!


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Absolutely... I have to have bare shoulders to make shoulder tricks... best is when they are sweaty... :) I actually already hooped naked last summer and it is really good. I have a yard practically noone can look inside and when the neighbours are not there I can do it... I also did it in my living room. It is really good to get aware of where the hoop is touching your body and what movements you can do to push against. I love it. 

But there are still things you can do to not be totally naked. you can wear hotpants, bandeau tops or a bikini... just a little clothing. Or you can get a goo grip tape for you hoop or make one of cloth and griptape. Materials that are good to hoop on are all things made of 100 % cotton... but then you would still need griptape. :)

I live on five acres of private property and when it's warm enough I do hoop naked sometimes haha :D not often as it tends to leave my breasts sore :( but it's still a very liberating and body loving experience.

But yeah I totally get you. I think I've only gotten shoulder duck outs while wearing sleeves like once. Also mine depends on which hoop I'm using. I have a home made one of 100 psi that i can leg hoop in pants with( as long as they aren't like slacks or anything) but my super awesome light hoop from Sacred Flame I have quite mastered that yet, getting close though.

I was at good will the other day and I saw this dress in the 'formal' section. It was bright pink with rooching and was super short. It had some dangly bits on the skirt, I think someone modified it this way but, the back was open. Except for a couple pieces of thin pink elastic holding it together. So naturally I decided to buy it because it would be perfect for hooping in.

Outside?  You're awesome.  I don't think I'd have the guts to do that. 

Well.... I happen to live in the middle of the woods on a hill. At the other end of the property is my mom and brother. So I suppose it is possible for them to walk up and see me, but eh. It wouldn't be the end of the world. We're a pretty tight nit family.
I hope the ups guy never drives up at the wrong time lol

It hurts my breast too when I hoop naked, which isn't very often.

I have a hoodie absolutely covered in really grippy screen print designs. I got it long before I started hooping but it's become my hooping hoodie :D

I dunno how common hoodies like that are but it makes hooping in the cold wonderful.

I have hooped naked. It's all kinds of awesome.

I also generally pick out my clothes according to how hoopable they are.

I did put friction tape instead of gaff tape on one of my hoops which makes it terrific for hooping in more clothing. It really grips to anything. It's  fantastic for leg hooping with slippery pants. I just found it at Home Hardware.

In my experience, as you build control in your muscles, your clothing matters less. After three years of practice, now I can hoop in just about anything. When I encounter an outfit that is challenging, I hoop in it until I can do what I want. It's not about the clothes at all any more.

I agree.. I think that clothing really mattered at first...but as I practiced more in other (more bulky and comfy clothes) I began to be just as able with the clothes. STILL THOUHGH... I find that sleeves to make things a bit more difficult (esp synthetic fibers).

Yeah, naked hooping rocks.  I have big blue drapes that totally block my living room windows but I still wanted some light to come in so I got some white drapes too. They let a lot of light in but from a far you can't see through them.  MWahahaha!  ; )

My favorite hooping experience thus far was hooping naked @ my boyfriend's house Saturday evening! His backyard in on the water, and it was sooo nice! Can't wait till he gets back into town and I can doit again. I am still a beginner, but it did seem that all the tricks I want to learn soo badly came easy a time or two without clothing in the way. I am sure they will all come with practice, but until I can get to the point Tink in Tokyo is taling about, I will hoop in a bikini, or choose my wardrobe by how hoopable the clothing is.....WOW! I never knew it would be so much fun and rewarding!

My boyfriend certainly enjoyed the show from our hottub! lol...So yeah, any and every chance you get to hoop naked, I say Just Do It!

I love to hoop naked too, but alas I seldom get the opportunity. The natural stickiness of the skin is better than any grip tape!

My favourite hoop clothing? Jeans or some awesome hemp/cotton trousers I got from Texture, and a tunic top or loose-ish t-shirt. Anything too tight on my upper body just seems to ride up when I do on-body hooping.


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