I am very curious about how to execute this...any advice or tutorials? I'm not sure if this is the name but it's the move when you have the hoop circle next to you and jump threw the bottom bringing it up and over all in one fast fluid motion. Looks great with LED

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I think I know the trick you are thinking of but i'm not sure, can you link a video of it please :)

I'm thinking of a few different moves this could be, a link/time in a video would be helpful :)

YOUTUBE! thats where i learned it. I guess its the same trick, mine is a forward isolation, and i jump through it

those ones still aren't it but I love those tricks as well..isolation jumpthrews are really fun too. if i find it or figure it out il post


OK, how about this one?  My BF does the one I'm thinking of @2:33.  Never seen a tutorial on it that I can remember, but I'd be happy to make you one!

and this one is one you can do in either direction, so in this he's bring it down from above, but you can also do it bringing it up from below :)

oo yes thats totally the one. you guys are awesome 

cool, I'll get a tutorial for you soon!



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