Has any of my lovely hooping friends ever used a synergy fire hoop?
I have been researching for a YEAR trying to find the perfect hoop for me and I'm getting one for Christmas FINALLY.
I think I've settled on one from synergy, polypro, 33" diameter, 5 wicks, 5/8" tubing, $170...:) 
I need reassurance.

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DO it!! I got a synergy polypro 5 wick and could not be happier with my decision!

I have a synergy polypro and I adore it! 

I have a 35" synergy.  Its awesome.  Light and fast! 

yes i want to know how the removable spine fire hoops are! i'm stoked and i will most likely purchase one soon....i just want to know other people's thoughts and experiences with this one since they've only had it out for a week or so!

I have a cosmic which is a shakti hoop before she collaberated with hoopdrum to make synergy...and I love it!  Ive used synergy before and it is really lightweight which can be hard to find in a firehoop and theyre not expensive at all!  Also mama I believe we have some mutual friends, if you order it unsanded I could sand it for you for free so you save $10...happy hooping!

Indeed we do!

Sarah is one of my very best friends down in Carbondale! I also know Jenna Czubek, we hoop at the Canopy in Champaign together on occasion, love her too!

I actually saw you hoop at Eoto, after the Bassnectar show in Bloomington awhile back; It was amazing!

And thank you, I will most definitely take you up on that offer!

Ah! Thanks ladies! I'm so very excited!

I love it!  I've had it for a year now & it's still as perfect as when i got it! It's 36" polypro w/ 5 wicks


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