I just got added to the waiting list for The Synth by LED Artistry and was wondering how many another hoopers on HoopCity are excited to get this new beautiful *smart hoop*. I fell in love with the phoenix, then the Helix came out ...now this hoop and i like it WaAAayyyy better than both of those leds combined *_____* the presets look like nothing i've ever seen before, plus no gap! yey!

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I don't have $300 to drop, so I'm not on the list, but I hope to get the hoop one day.  It really does look amazing!

I got on the list a day ago and... They said 1-2 weeks for payment And another 2 weeks to ship- the gapless thing totally sold me
I'm so excited!

I'm on the list for the ones coming out in a bout a month...I might not get it though because $300 is a lot to pay for a smart hoop held together by a piece of tape. I know myself too well and I hoop pretty hard so I can't trust that closure unfortunately :( It is pretty though! Maybe if they ever solidify and go with the special screw he was telling me about to close it I will change my mind. Might go with the Chromatica from Illumination instead.. AhHh

What do you mean by held together by a piece of tape? There's no button clip?

It's not that odd.  My PSI hoop is held together by super strong packing type tape.  It's that clear tape with tons of actual thread running through it.  I was surprised when I first saw it, but I've had it for a year and had no problems with it holding, even having knocked into into things and thrown it into walls multiple times.

But for $300... there has to be a more secure way to close it without a gap. I don't think Atomic Pros or Phoenix hoops are held shut with tape ? But this is all personal opinion I suppose. I just really strive to find the best product all around, not just the best looking. They are testing some other closure mechanisms apparently, so I'm sure in time this will change.

I dunno.  I do think it's a matter of opinion, like you say.  It has an insert coupling of course, the tape just makes it secure.  Some tapes are honestly just ridiculously strong.  If you wanted to test it, you can by the same kind of tape in a hardware store, then see how easy it is to tear or pull the plast apart.  It's crazy strong!

theres not a secure push button connector at least? only a piece of tape??? that sounds terrible! it will definitely fly open

My used PSI is held together with tape. I've had pushbuttons wear out and pop open on me. Never once had my PSI pop open. I hoop rough too. There's this ridiculously strong tape with a checkered sort of fiber to it. 

Check out this guy's review.  Looks like much more than just packing tape...YAY:)

The "Synth" from LED Artistry - the polycarbonate connection

I wish someone who had one already would take a video of them hooping more on body with it. I really like the hoop, but in the videos posted so far, the patterns only seem to show up when doing vertical movements, which I don't do a lot of. I'd hate to buy it and then not be able to see much going on. And there is a LOT going on, haha. It might almost be too much for me, cuz I really like some of the simpler chase patterns on the Phoenix as well as the ability to delete ones I don't like. I think I'd rather have a hoop with 50 patterns I love than 200 and feel like I'm just sifting through the ones I don't care for.

The Synth is really cool though. I go back and forth. I saw he mentioned he will be holding a contest soon. Winning one would solve that decision pretty quick!! :D haha

I really was wanting a Phoenix but I can't get a clear answer on if/when they will be taking orders again, so for now I think Im going to go with the 28 mode Chromatica hoop from Illumination. 20 LEDs for $250 and customizable settings (each of the modes has 8 speed settings and you get to choose what patterns go into your hoop IF you want).. It's not 100 LED smart hoop but it gives a lot of options for someone like me who gets bored easily. I'm not too into all the super fast/rainbow/strobe effects anymore - I like the solid color choices and the fire/water modes.. it's worth a look if you are interested in something like that. His hoops are built so solid, I love it!


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