I'm starting to make my own hoops, and need a place to get some tape that wont break the bank.
Should I buy tape in bulk? Or a few at a time?
Where do you get your tape from?
And does it matter where you get your tape from?
Your insight will be greatly appreciated!!!

Much love,

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Buying anything in bulk is usually always cheaper in the long run.

There are lots of places to get tape! I dont think it really matters where you buy your tape. You can also check the forum to see what others have suggested.





you can look on www.etsy.com

ashley....thank you!!!! these sites are very helpful!!

Another for the list:



I've got a lot of tapes from there. Happy with their gaffers. They're pretty inexpensive there.

Tape is all about learning how to use different kinds. Backed mirror/deco tapes go on totally differently from unbacked mirror/deco tapes—you just have to learn how each kind works. On the other hand, vinyl and gaffer tapes are easy to manipulate.

you can find some pretty mirror and glitter tapes on ebay for pretty cheap. The rolls are usually short, just enough for 1 hoop with a little left over, but if you're not making a whole lot of hoops at once and don't have much money it can be a good option.

I got a good deal on hockey tape in bulk on ebay. If you've never used hockey tape before it's like gaffer but with more grip to it and way cheaper. The downside to hockey tape is that after three to four months the tape will start to unravel at the edges and if left in a hot car multiply times the stickiness of the tape will melt and the tape will come off. But over all I love hockey tape and use it on all my hoops.




*I've bought from this seller before, they are trusted and have fast delivery. 


also something to keep in mind when buying tape 25ft is enough for 1, 36''-38'' hoop and 30 yards is enough for about 5 hoops. 

good call on the 25ft...im looking to make a few!!!

I found this site http://www.trickconcepts.com/Tape-C85.aspx Their stuff is really cheap from what I have found if you are wanting to make more than one hoop.  When I made my first hoops I was impatient and went out and just brought colored duck tape at Hobby Lobby.  I spent way more money than I would have if I would of brought some from online. So shop around to make sure you are getting the best deals.  Also www.hoopsupples.com is good too and they have more colors and types of tape than the first website but their shipping is more so I guess it just depends on what look you are going for with your hoop! Good luck and let us know what you can find!

I always buy my Gaffer's tape from goodbuyguys.com (cause they're the cheapest I know of) or from identi-tape.com. I usually only buy from Identi when I want the 1/2" size of tape cause GoodBuyGuys doesn't carry that size.  I also buy my metallic/decorative tape from Identi.  This is the system I have been using since I started making and selling hoops in November.  Also note that the decorative, shiny tape is pretty, but in the long run, it will get ruined A LOT quicker than the regular Gaffer's tape.  

You could also search the forums to find more information. I know there have been other threads about this topic.


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