My mom passes my number along to one of her friends who wants to try hooping. We're meeting today at the fitness centre. I've never really taught anyone before, especially hooping, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to gain a lil experience. Anyone have any tips? Good things to start with?

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I think that its a lot about  breaking the moves down. For me I look up a lot of tutorials on youtube. I also know another lady who took safires teacher training and said she probably wouldnt have been comfortable teaching without it. Some ideas for you.

Some easy ones to show beginners are waist/hip hooping, neck hooping, hand hooping above your head and at your sides, stirring the pot, passing around the body, and the helicopter. Hope that helps. :)

I would bring a few different types of tunes to throw on after breaking down the moves so your student can try the moves to a beat. I have to repeat the more technical tricks to some tunes, and by some tunes I mean many different types of tunes: bluegrass, reggae, electronic and dubstep, rock, jam band, and tribal drums, just for fun! If this is the first lesson ever, ever, ever, you should make her a GIANT hoop from some tubing from Lowe's: 3/4"-1" od 160 psi PE tubing and one of those .50 cent connectors and throw on some reggae. I have seen new hoopers have great success with the slow happy beat of reggae, especially when they have one of these 44" hoops orbiting their waist! Good luck and keep us posted on the results!!! 

Thanks guys. :D It turned out pretty good. I didn't really know what I was going into because my mom was very vague and made it sound like she never hooped before. But as it turns out she'd been hooping kind of casually for a year. She invited me to her hooping class BUT what I didn't know is that it was actually HER class, she was the instructor. She was teaching a fitness hooping class, using the hoop more as a workout tool and slowly learning how to hoop (since everyone there was a beginner). I went with my mom and it was a lot of fun. I can barely walk today, apparently I was a little more out of shape than i thought! So I'm going to meet up with her later and teach her some stuff and make suggestions for her class, since our first meet up was cut short because the gym was really busy and she wasn't originally supposed to be working that night but someone got fired or something lol but apparently I taught her a bunch and she even paid me. All in all, an awesome experience :)

I think what you teach your mum's friend depends on her experience. She may have never spun a hoop in her life, or she may have some basic skills. You really need to establish that first and go from there. Try to remember back to when you were a beginner - which order did you learn your basic tricks in?

Last night I taught someone to hoop who hadn't picked up a hoop since he was a kid 40-something years ago [and even then he hadn't been able to hoop]. We hooped for about an hour. I just kept it really simple, and taught him the basics of waist hooping. We went through maintaining, saving, basic stall, and moving around. He was grinning from ear to ear at the end of it.

On the other hand, when my nieces want a hoop lesson, it's different because they are well-versed in waist hooping. They love to learn neck hooping, knee hooping, lifts and stuff like that.

Good luck! I hope it goes well.


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