Does anybody have videos or pics of the ASTRAL Atomic Hoop in action, or a review of what you think about it??? I have a PSI hoop and I love it, though I got the heavier one, and would prefer a lighter hoop eventually. That hoop just looks so amazing with all the modes... I just wanted to see it in action if possible, before I spend that much money....I also am thinking about LED minis...I may go with PSI again, but I saw some collapsible hoops that were one big hoop and then also minis which was super cool, but I was not sure who made them.

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there is a video here on the site where you order it. astral hoops

i just ordered one yesterday. i can not wait to see it in action! 

Yeah I saw that video... It looks AWESOME!!
I want an atomic hoop someday too. It does look amazing!

I know Rob the cosmic hooper does a 3 in 1 LED hoop that breaks down into minis, and it's made with lighter tubing, similar to polypro.

Hey!  We're working hard on a demo video, but it's not done yet. Hopefully very soon. If there's particular questions you have, let me know!


when you buy one of those hoops you really get your moneys worth.. I have the whirl which is the one before he change the choice to atomic hoop and added a lot more stuff. and I love the hoop its awesome and I also want to get the atomic one as well. and its always a plus that its collapsible.

there are others who do it too, but cosmic hooper was the first to do collapsible LED that turned into minis.

its really convenient, but i wanted my hoop so small that my minis are too tiny. i make it work, but im already jonesin for new ones that are slightly larger than the minis from my collapsible.


the transformer hoop would have been a better option for ya then... the "4 in `1" or w.e. he calls it... its got 4 pieces so you can have bigger minis and the option of using 3 or 4 pieces to make your solo hoop :)  i  am considering buying one....  I had the same problem with my minis when I ordered the  "3 in 1" version (same as you) about a year ago
thanks! I love all the different LED variations. So cool.
can you order 1/2' tubing? and how heavy is it?
From the video on the actual site, the atomic hoop looks freaking AWESOME! I wish I had more money to spend, because I would definitely get it. I'm curious to see other videos of it in action as well.
I ordered one last week.  Can't wait to see it.  I'm dying to know if it's going to be nice and balanced with regard to the placement of the battery or batteries???  It would be great if there was a section for Astral hoops in the reviews on HoopCity!  Cheers,  TwilaQ
agreed! when you get it can you let us fellow hoopers know how wonderful it is! I really want one but haven't heard much about them... I might as well drop the same amount for a PSI hoop at this point! (plus you can make it 1/2") :)


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