I'm getting ready to purchase my first Atomic hoop. I was having trouble deciding whether to get the original or pro model. I notice the original is capable of collapsing, which would make me life a lot easier at festivals. I have Moodhoops that are mailed collapsed but are not recommended to collapse down on a regular basis. Does anyone have the Atomic and had success collapsing it down regularly? Atomic owners, to you have pro or original and do you regret your model choice? Thanks for any input :)

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Hey! i have both... i got the original almost a year back... and i got the PRO about 3 months or so...(also have a set of Aura minis and a 29' Aura from them) i have never "collapsed" either of them the infinity style way.. or figure 8.. I don't really recommend doing that with any hoop... what you can do... with either style.. is Coil it down and use grip tape or Zip ties and make it about half its size... When you get your hoop in the mail it will be already like this in the box... I personally like my Pro a little better... its Polypro so its lighter and more see thru... LEDS are super bright!! as they are on the original as well... i play with both pretty regularly... but my original is a 36' and my pro is a 29' to Different dance styles completely.. when you Do buy yours you can use My Discount code... MissHaley and get 10$ every Hoop.. here is the Direct link... http://astralhoops.com/r/MissHaley Happy Hooping!!! ;-)

Wow, 29 inches!

I'm thinking of getting the Pro.  I'm down at Hoop Convergence this weekend and will finally get to test them out, I'm really excited!

I have the atomic and the only time I collapse my hoop is when I travel. When I arrive I make it priority to un collapse it. I absolutly love my astral hoop and I think that no matter which option you choose you will be extremly happy :)


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