So I realized we dont have an "if u know what I mean..." thread yet so im starting one!

Heres how u play: make a perfectly innocent comment about hooping then add "if u know what I mean..." To it to (obviously) give it a double meaning. Ill go first...

I like twins... If u know what I mean ;D

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At first it was hard for me to bend forward... if you know what I mean
Love it!!
I enjoy it more with girlfriends...... if you know what mean.
I get through a hell of a lot of gaffa tape... If you know what I mean :o)
Its a better work out circus style... If u know what I mean ;)
really trying to reverse and then learn to break it "if you know what i mean"
i did it in the parade last week....if you know what i mean
I like it wen people watch... If u know what I mean ;D
I like it on the chest...if you know what I mean ;)
I'm not sure if that works that well, but I just had to.
It works... haha


Where can I access my classes?

Unfortunately, I am going to have to MANUALLY transfer over 1700 students to the new site. When it is ready I'll be posting EVERYWHERE with instructions on how to log into your account. I'll do whatever it takes to make this work so you don't lose your access.

Predicted launch date: January 23rd, 2016

Thank you for your patience and support!

Much love,

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