Hello there, hoopers. I've been hooping for about 6 or 7 months now and I've got plenty of moves and tricks down. One of my favorites are isolations, but I've been seeing more and more videos of the bouncing isolation as well as the isopop. If someone could give me a few tips or possibly post a step by step video tutorial, I would definitely appreciate it! Thank you!

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Hey! Check this out:




Another hoopcity hooper (sorry I forget who!) created this site with links to various tutorials, there's a ton on isolations. 

that would be me! thanks for posting the site tara!!


That's Rich Porter's site, he's the founder of the isopop style, if you scroll to the bottom he has youtube links

Hope this helps =]


 There is a search feature on the discussion forum on the upper left, the blank field with the little magnifier icon. By typing in a search term you can get a list of threads that include it.

Here are some results:








Great Sita - thanks for the tip!



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