I've heard some pretty cool and crazy predictions for whats gonna happen in 2012 (the end of the world?!..what!) Maybe planet nibiru will crash into planet earth and the nibiru-beings will take back all of the spiritual and kind-hearted beings from this planet to theirs. Not only would we get to connect with beings from another planet but maybe.. jsut maybe their planet wouldnt have government or money.. and everything would be soooo fabulous! so peaceful and in harmony!! nything could happen. just think of all the posibilities that year 2012 has for us. but what i really believe is that maybe a new consciousness will arise. Maybe finally everything and everyone will be living in harmony... whats your input?? :)

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Oh man, I did an entire paper over this for school one year. It may be a bit weird but I love thinking about the end of civilization and how exactly the world will end. It just gets my blood pumping.
There are a lot of predictions for 2012 but I think some people fail to realize that the Mayans didn't necessarily interpret the end of the calender as death, destruction, the end of civilization or the world. In fact it could have, and there is a lot of evidence pointing to this, that a period of enlightenment or consciousness will come about. The latter is what I hope for, but I am not convinced that anything will happen.
I totally agree with you. I believe that it will be the "end of the world" as we know it. With the aligning of the planets and cosmos as is currently, there is speculation that a new consciousness will arise. I believe that people's ego will switch over from being driven by greed, power, and lust to an ego that will yearn for self-examination and more fullfilling, possibly even spiritual practices. Holisticism, earth based spirituality, alternative living; it's all becoming progressively more mainstream.

I also, like to think of the year 2012 as a more positive thing than something negative like the end of all existance. The Christians and readers of the Bible would think not because it is stated that Apocalypse will begin when is least expected. So in that case, 2012 wouldn't be the end of the world. :)

Great topic, btw.
It should be pointed out that the Mayan calendar is cyclical so it doesn't end in a world ending sense... it returns to the beginning. Like December rolling into January!

Also, Nibiru is my all time favorite world ending conspiracy. Do you know NASA gets daily emails from people wanting to know if they should kill themselves and their family/pets over the chance of Planet X passing us by? Seriously.
yeah, it's not gonna be the end of the world. I hope that all the talk of spiritual change could be true but it's A MYSTERRRRRRY >:D

and that's hilarious about the suicidal families calling NASA... people never fail to amaze me.
And didn't they determine they misread it and they were like, 50 years off or something? lol I thought I heard on the news that they were wrong.

rofl wow I'm sure a lot of people will kill themselves after the debt they create because they think they wont have to pay for it come january 2013, I truly hope no one is really that unintelligent to kill themselves over this....yet again I wouldnt be all that shocked I just hope they dont hurt their families if theyre really that dumb...I guess darwin theory will let us know

nibiru's orbit crosses jupiter it wont smash us =] but another celestial body the size of nibiru coming that close to us will cause insane earth changes..[tidal waves earthquakes volcanoes ect]. 2012 is the end of several natural cycles our planet goes through. we will simply be starting a new cycle.. with which spiritual and dimensional changes take place. It is also a time of grand alignments the earth with center of the milky way and several others. pretty much to sum up 2012 in a short paragraph is extremely difficult because it is so many seperate yet together cycles and alignments. it is the peak of our physical realm, the end of the world as we know it... AS WE KNOW IT, the systems in which we rely and put our faith into will inevitably crash and be shown for what they where the whole time; a grand illusion. The mayans calender the tzolkin ends on dec 21 2012..tzolkin translated is the illusion of time. I think that the most important change that will take place.. or the precursor to several more grand changes is the global realization that time is simply an illusion we have created, and once we REMEMBER this the ideas we have constructed about a physical world being reality will crumble.. along with that our "educational" monetary and all other "systems of order" [systems of control] will INEVITABLY crash and burn, leaving us to discover a true existence, a spiritual one with emphasis on love rather than fear. 2012 is the start of heaven on earth. utopia. i wish i had more time to respond to this il def come back later tonight and add more this topic is my life.

If you want to believe this, that's fine, but please don't freak people out with it ok?
I believe she's just doing what Brianna requested all of us to do - share our thoughts and insights on the matter - I don't think anybody needs to feel 'freaked out' by what we share here, or worry about that :)
I'm fine with people sharing, I'm just saying discussing a massive world cataclysm event in completely serious terms can odd people out. That's all.

Omwoods, I know your thumbnail picture from somewhereeeeeeee!!!.......this may sound a little strange buuuuuut were you at Mt Jam 2010? 

my baddd..did i say something scary? this was not my intention did you only read the first few sentences about nibiru? personaly i dont give nibiru much thought i was simply addressing what else was said about nibiru... although i think that planet and its orbit is extremely symbolic but the main point i was trying to make was nothing at all freaky.. simply that we are at the end of cycle and starting a new... there will be change.. if change freaks anyone out... then im sorry to say.. your gonna be f%^$ing freaked out.. lol sorry if i scared anyone.


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