I've heard some pretty cool and crazy predictions for whats gonna happen in 2012 (the end of the world?!..what!) Maybe planet nibiru will crash into planet earth and the nibiru-beings will take back all of the spiritual and kind-hearted beings from this planet to theirs. Not only would we get to connect with beings from another planet but maybe.. jsut maybe their planet wouldnt have government or money.. and everything would be soooo fabulous! so peaceful and in harmony!! nything could happen. just think of all the posibilities that year 2012 has for us. but what i really believe is that maybe a new consciousness will arise. Maybe finally everything and everyone will be living in harmony... whats your input?? :)

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This is what I think of 2012, lol



and I am going to sit back and watch.

I believe if anything happens at all, it will probably be a Solar Storm, which has the potential to knock out our power grid. 

i'm not sure about this, my friends and i are constantly speculating just because its so entertaining. I used to freak out but once I had the realization that it was completely and totally out of my hands I just laugh now.
2012 has been a transitional year for me, and i've become a lot more spiritual. i think 2012 is a year of transition into a new era (if i'm looking at it positively) and we might have a lot of bumps along the way but ultimately things will change for the better

Oh if the Mayan's could talk! Oh...yeah I forgooot, their dead. if they could predict anything it would be that they were going to be slaughtered and die of disease...but didnt see that one coming! Personally this has been the best year of my life.  My husband is coming home from war after being over there for an entire year.  Its just another year, it's what we make of it.  This year the world is going to end like the y2k bug ruined everything in 2000.  The world was suppose to end in the 70s or 80s too...still here...no one will know when the world will end, its up to the universe. I love how human beings think we're so entitled to know something so miraculous as when entire planet will cease.   Silly humans trix are for kids

Well, don't all throw rocks at me, but I think that there are MANY changes happening in the universe. I think it started on 01/11/11; but I do not believe the world will end this year, more like everything is re-aligning and a fresh new time will come upon us.

You asked a very spiritual group of people :D

I also think the change will be positive. I feel like it will be a spiritual awakening of sorts, even if it's just a subtle one. I meet more and more people all the time that are choosing to become aware of human potential and who are realizing that we need to change our wasteful ways and regain our balance with nature. I like to think the end of 2012 might be a turning point, or at least a time when most of us humans get on the same page and start redesigning society. :)

haha zomb-pocalypse!

I predict more people freaking out and stockpiling food and ammo like the y2k scare.

If anything happens I believe it will be a manifestation of our own actions/beliefs. If we believe that crazy stuff is going to occur that day, we are gonna act crazy regardless, therefore causing the craziness ourselves. I don't believe in Nibiru or lizard people or any of that hype. Haters gonna hate, doomsdayers gonna doom.

I'll be out running around causing mischief that day.

Maybe every living thing will release mass amounts of DMT that's already naturally in them at the exact same time and everyone will come back with eyes open, ready for real change. A little far fetched but there's got to be a reason why DMT is naturally present yet mostly innactive (as far as we know. And by "we" I mean science) in every living thing on Earth.

Just practice peace, love and light and you will be fine... I know that I'm going down to Mexico for the world rainbow gathering in November and hopefully will find a way to get to Mayan Holidaze because watching STS9 while going through this transition would be primmmee... I definitely believe something is happening, you can feel the energy all around us becoming more charged and time is definitely seeming to pick up not that I really attach much to time anymore. We'll all be our true Beings of Light soon and it'll be beautiful :] <3


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