So I've realized when I go out ready to hoop with the mind set that I'm gonna either learn or nail a certain trick, i usually have the hardest time with it! But if I go out ready to just flow and have fun, THAT'S when I end up nailing the trick Ive been wanting to learn, or I end up doing some other really cool thing; and end up having an awesome sesh. Has anyone else experienced this?

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all the time! its all mind over matter. If you over think hooping you end up hooping very robotic, and not really learning much, you really gotta be in the mood to jam with it. And music helps A LOT! like without music it can be very hard to get your flow goin

This definitely happens to me a lot

Yes yes! I constantly have this happen. Like bunny ears starting from my left elbow... I can NEVER get it if i'm reallly concentrated but if i'm just jammin' and not focused I nail it almost everytime.

Absolutely!! I learn more just hanging out and hooping with friends than I do when I concentrate too hard on a specific trick. Plus, like you said, flowing is just more fun, so it's a win/win! :)

exactly :) I tell my students this all the time...first figure the trick out, the mechanics of it...then forget about it: don't focus on the trick in order to nail it, let yourself go and flow and when the moment comes, slip it in may not come the very first time, but this way you're learning to incorporate it into your current flow & practice and eventually it will fit right in seamlessly!

so true. freeing your mind is the most important thing to me, it helps so much. sometimes things only happen if they dont matter, which is often true with conquering new tricks for me i've found. dont think just do and the better the results usually are. 

I've been there SO many times! I finally got so many tricks that exact same way. XD The elbow pass, walking while knee hooping, knee breaks, and most recently the back roll to name a few. The back roll was one that I tried like heck to get since the first week into hooping 4 months ago and I JUST got it the other day when I wasn't trying to at all! I love the feeling :) though it's a little bittersweet when you get into that mode and you do something that felt frickin awesome but you just can't figure out how it happened. :P

all the time =]

Yes! Hooping can't be taken too seriously because I feel like people lose their creativity when trying to do the "correct" movements. It's all about playfulness and fun!

I usually will take it step by step at first so that I can get comfortable with what I need to do with my body to get the move. Then to perfect it I'll throw on tunes and play with the move. When I do this I can usually learn a new move in a day! Flow is super important to learning and growing... :)


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