I have tried and tried with little success. I have watched the tutorial to the point of memorization, have practiced until I look battered, but I can still only execute this trick about 1/10 tries. Anyone else struggle with this trick? Any pointers? I've noticed that when the hoop moves up my body after the first two shoulder bumps, I keep wanting to pick up my arms, thus making my hoop "freak out."


It is so hard to be patient with myself right now. All my friends are better hoopers than I, and I want to be on their level. They keep talking about how they learned all their tricks within a matter of DAYS. It is taking me weeks. It makes me feel incompetent. I want to learn everything all at once, but my body can only do so much.



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Are you talking about moving the hoop from the waist to the chest/neck? I find it only takes me two "shoulder bumps" to get the hoop where I need it to be, so that may be all you need. I found that bending my knees (so my whole body was moving down, not just my arm) helped get the arm position right. Also, if you move in the direction of the hoop, so it's almost a stall on your arm, helped me. Another tip, is take the hoop away. I would just stand and practice the arm position (punch the ground) before the hoop was even on. I hope this helped!

Don't worry if you're not getting it right away. I hooped for almost a year before I could get it from my knees to my waist. Sometimes it just takes a while to click.

Another tip is to make sure that you can maintain the hoop at shoulder level once you get it there. If you can't yet keep the hoop going under your control at the shoulders, start it around the shoulders (rest if on your shoulder blades and give a good push to the heart, just like you start the hoop at waist level) and practice with it there for a while. Then work the transition from waist to shoulders.

Try not to compare your hooping journey to your friends'. You are hooping in your own way. Good for them to be able to get a move in a couple of days. Not everyone does. I am surrounded by hoopers in different phases of their experience. Some are kinesthetic learners and pick things up in no time. Others are thrilled to hoop around their waist and bust a move or two. It doesn't matter at all, as long as every hooper is enjoying themselves.

So i tried spinning in the direction of my hoop while trying this trick and it WORKED! Guess I just needed the extra momentum :) 


Thanks for the perspectives, ladies! 

peace, love, and light

HHOOORRAAAYYY!!! I'm glad it helped :):):):):)

If you have a digital camera with video on it helps wonders too. I definitely use mine when I'm learning a new trick. It helps to sort of be the outsider perspective for yourself...if that makes sense, haha!

Happy happy hooping love!

I've been struggling with this myself.  And bringing my arms down into the hoop.  As far as getting my arms back out the top, oh forget it! LOL

I don't have any tips for you, but I'm glad you asked the tips below are helpful.  

Keep it up!  We'll get there!

And don't spend so much time comparing yourself to your hoop buddies.  Some time there will be tricks that you master faster.  It's all about you having fun!  And hey, you got plenty of hoop friends right here that are on your level! ;-)

The biggest helper for me lately has been practicing in front of a reflective surface. I don't have a full-length mirror, so I hoop in front of a window. Through watching myself hoop, I feel more in control and can see what I am doing wrong. I can now shimmy the hoop up my body from the knees up :)


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