First, I hope there is not yet a group like this one, and if there is please let me know and I'll delete it. I'm new to this.

As this year is almost over, and soon enough discussions asking me about my new years resolutions would start to appear on HoopCity, I'd like you to remember and share with me the top reasons why 2010 was a good year (or not) for you. What were the best moments shared with family, friends or on your own? What made you laugh or cry? What are you proud of?

For me 2010 was a great year, maybe even the best one in my life. I'm living a dream right now (I've always wanted to live in London) and even though it has it's ups and downs, I always get up and find a reason to smile (as we all should be doing).

So, I don't even know where to start, a number of things happened during the past 11 months. I went through a phase of listening to a lot of Asian and Romanian music, then influenced by my friends or due to my environment, I wanted to learn weird languages like Japanese, Romanian and Swedish, and respectively picked up a few textbooks regarding the topic. (I still dont speak any of them,but one day I might). The end of February and the beginning of March started a whole new chapter in my life - The chapter of being stronger, happier and more open to people. I got introduced to my lovely family of circus artists and prop manipulators - jugglers, spinners, hoopers etc. I got to learn a lot about poi, hooping (which was my passion since I was young but never really got around anyone who could have taught me anything), and of course fire arts. My first time seeing a fire arts show, trying fire poi and (thank you very much Carisa Hendrix for creating such a great podcast) I still get to learn even more. My first rave in London, the first time I heard of Safire and, the day I met her and saw her perform, as the day before that I spent 5 hours watching her videos on youtube and virtually touring in Canada with the Nimble twins. Magical!! All the festivals I learned about.. and more and more that still keeps happening. My first hoop that I bought in London and the first tricks that I learned.. ahh

And then the first time I truly fell in love and got the strength to tell the person I love them. I got rejected though, as you know how people say.. the right person at the wrong time.. he was already taken but I lived through it. He's my best friend now and I adore his girlfriend. Life is too short for hate.

All the new stuff I learned in school, writing of personal statements, creating my first website and learning to code with HTML and CSS, meeting new people while attending interviews for jobs and universities. My first free haircut. Being accepted at the university I wanted to go to and meeting so many wonderful people here. And then my best friend moved to London and now I get to see her as often as I want...I dont have words to express how great my year has been

All in all, it's been a truly magnificent year and it's not over yet :D :D.. One thing I know, though, is that I'm ready for 2011, and whatever comes my way I'll keep getting up, hooping and smiling.

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Wow sounds like you had a really great year! Congrats on moving to your dream place with your best friend and making the decision to live a better life. You can't go wrong with that.

I also started hooping this year and got poi as well, though I haven't daddled with the poi as much as I would have liked. I got my first LED and quick wicks, experienced all of that for the first time. I opened up my own bakery, something I had been trying to do for a year already. I got a dog, the best dog in the world actually :D and I moved into an awesome spacious apartment that I also love.
Congrats on opening your own bakery! That must be an adventure! New dog, new home, what a gret year! :)
It sounds like a good year! I sort of know how you feel about your best friend, but I'm glad you chose to live without feeling angry about it :) It's a much better way to live, and if he is the right person, you guys will find each other again.

I'm glad you learned so much stuff! Learning is fun :) Part of what made my year awesome was all the circus stuff I learned. I started hooping last year, but I started getting more into poi this year as well. I also got into my art major, which made me happy, and I started painting, which is fun. Hopefully, 2011 will be even better!!!
The two biggest things I am grateful for this year are discovering hooping and splitting up with my ex (which could be taken as a bad thing, and was for a good two months, but it's been one of the best things that has happened to me in my twenty years).

You did so much this year! I couldn't even begin to remember all that happened to me.
Hmmm this is something good to think about. I tend to look at my life and see things like "not able to move to the city we want yet" and "not pregnant yet" and get really upset and down. But a few amazing things have happened this year. I had the courage to finally leave my job as hotel manager that was way too stressful, crazy hours, couldn't keep the place staffed because of competition with the oil field jobs, and practically doing everything myself. I had started thinking seriously of quitting last December, and finally in July I went for it. I took nearly four months off to get "me" back and pour into my home, husband, and self. It was during that time off I discovered hooping, and I also took a week and went home to visit my family and help my dad on the farm which I was missing and loved the opportunity to go back. And now the GM from my old job offered me to come back in a different position, a promotion of sorts, and steady Mon-Fri 9-5 hours which I started a couple weeks ago. I feel really good about my life and decisions. And I think I am doing better with the heartache of not getting pregnant now that I have found hooping. It has really let me connect with my body again and appreciate it instead of being angry and feeling betrayed by it. 2010 has been a great year. I hope 2011 will bring a baby and hopefully the promise of a move, but we'll see. :)
Im glad you had such a magnificent year!

So this year... I lost friends, had family pass away, had a few medical scares, car accidents, fighting to make rent & surviving off ramen, crappy roommates (theft/drugs/fights), frustrations at work, health issues cycling through, and i just moved back in with my parents and sister for a while. While 2010 was the most challenging year of my life so far, it was also the most rewarding. I found new depths in myself that I had been searching for for years, conquored fears, opened my heart to love, became a healer & massage therapist, started loving myself, stepped up to life and accepted the challenge and have been growing more than ever. Ive become a better person, friend, partner, lover, hooper, healer, me. 2010

Was the best year of my life so far... But 2011 Is already looking like it will top it! in 2011 I will finally have surgery for my Endometrosis which will make my monthly nightmare more like a day dream, I will graduate school in Feb, Move to San Francisco with Chris to live our dreams and finally get to see my best friend regularly, I will start college again in a new city, make new friends, start new projects, start my new career, explore a whole new world, another season of festivals and parties, decorating our new home and making it magical, hooping in Golden Gate park, Oh man... 2011 is going to be amazing!

I hope you all look back on 2010 as transformative and nourishing. And I hope with all my heart that 2011 is the best year of your life! (So far!)
I discovered hooping this year! I have made some amazing friends. I have fostered my friendships with other people as well, and I've found that I have more friends than I thought I did when I was in a time of need. My boyfriends band broke up on New Year's Day, and they just got back together, and I'm singing with them now, which was always the plan but it never worked out. This looks to be a very promising 2nd go round. I lost 36 pounds and I'm hoping to continue on this streak. I've stayed smoke free (cigarettes) for over a year (I quit June 26 2009) I got to be back stage for Flogging Molly. The Richmond Folk Festival was an awesome experience. I've been working really REALLY hard to free myself of debt and to get financially secure so I can have more freed up income for fun things, and I successfully paid off two of my credit cards. It really has been a great year. Congratulations to everyone on their 2010 journey, its been a ride. I'm happier now than I have ever been in my entire life.
I am so glad that everyone is sharing thier amazing experiences. I haven't really thought to look back on this year but I am so thankful I got a chance to in this thread.

This year I finally broke off a 2 year abusive relationship and moved out of my nasty dangerous down town apartment.

I picked up a hoop and finally started to use it and love it the way I should be. I was intimidated at first but I haven't stopped and it has made me love myself in a way i never thought it would.
I handcrafted my first collapsable hoop with my dad and went home and taped it with the love of my life. That hoop symbolizes so much for me. Not only the love I felt and recieved while crafting it with my two of my favorite men but the fact it is my school colors which reminds me even while hooping to focus on the goal. Get out, Get your masters, teach and do it all with your Hoop lessons in your heart.

I quit my unthankful, extremely stressful inner-city day care job and got into a research position that doesn't pay much but I now have a academic mentor that is deadset on getting my to graduate school and allowing me to do it my way which is focusing on flow arts. . She even hooped with me in the office yesterday b/c i made her daughter a hoop for christmas!

I hope that 2011 leads me to a better roommate situation, the begining of becoming a hoop retailer, and that I can succssfully create a youtube channel with poi/hoop tutorials directed toward children to encourage them to be active and the increase thier cross body motion/brain activity. <3
Not to mention festival season, a sustainable stable and loving relationship with the most Fly kind I know, continuing with fire poi, and having my virgin hoop burn!
This is an amazing topic. I TOTALLY forgot about all the bad stuff thats happened. Thats like a full on automatic mental shift towards thinking optimistically, a real breakthrough for me. I read Lindsey Rae's post and I was like, wow, I went through a lot of that too, and I didn't even mention or think about it, like wow. Thats one more thing to add to things that made 2010 great. (And Lindsey, that was not at all intended to down your post, I love what you wrote, and its awesome that you can go through all of that and come out on top. Hoop hugs and High five girl!) I love that our challenges ultimately enrich us if we allow them to.
No offense taken... Writing that actually helped me to see it from both sides. Ive been really feeling the weight of all the challenges but when I am as happy as I am today, I realize that I conquered every single one! :)
Thanks for posting this!!! My 2010 was really rough, but there were lots of smiles... I created some beautiful art. My baby turned to a todler. I've made great friends:) I also found hooping:) what great blessings really:)
Simply put... my family. They are the reason I live.


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