So, I've been hooping for a couple months now and I'm picking up some basic tricks like lifts, the vortex, knee hooping, etc. and having a lot of fun with off body work, but I'm starting to wonder if my hoop is too large/heavy. I have a really pretty HoopMamas hoop that's 42" and made out of 3/4 in 110 psi (I think) tubing. I love it but it's really hard to make things like the vortex look good because it's too heavy to hold horizontal for very long (or maybe I'm just wimpy). It's also really hard to do a nice bow because the hoop is so large.

I guess it's time for a new hoop?? I'm not sure what to to get. Should I go polypro and get something like a 38"or 36" or should I get another psi hoop? Or both haha. I feel like I would really benefit from the fluidity of a polypro but everyone says they're "advanced" hoops and I'm anything but.

Oh, and I guess I should mention that I'm fairly tall, like 5'8"ish, which is why my current hoop is so large (I followed the "hoop should be up to your belly button" rule when I bought it).

Suggestions??? Hoop love!

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Im 5"10 and I started with a 38" hoop mommas hoops, then went down to a 36" about 3months in. And stayed there for about 6months got two LEDs in that size. Then I went down to a 29" and got two more LEDs. Then bought a bunch of psi tubing from lowes And made a bunch of hoops all sizes. And found I really like 32" also. I tend to lean towards my small hoops for off body and vortex style. And then pick up my larger ones for chest and tummy hooping. I'm about to send one Led in to get smaller to a 32". 36" is just to big now. But nice to keep around for Fun play times! But I Love my 29"s! Hard to tummy hoop with though. And I've tryed all types of materials, Polypro is nice for LEDs. Cuz it's more clear. But psi is nice just for practice, also. I have like 30 hoops now! Lol

here is a quick way to downsize and spend about $0.75. Go to home depo or lowes. Buy a grey straight connector that is 1/2in. (buy two if oyur hoop has two connection points). Cut your hoop at the connection points, behind the connector already in your hoop. You can do this with an hack saw, pipe cutters etc. Your connector should be about 4 in you will cut off. Now heat tubing and place the new connector in. Now your hoop is downsized with little to no money spent. You don't want to downnsize the hoops inside diameter more than 2-3 in. at a time. It seems like it wont make a big difference but it will.  Lowering the hoops diameter will make the hoops rotation spend faster. Also you don't have to have polypro. Polypro just has a faster response time when hit, stopped etc. so advanced hoopers perfer it. It wont turn you into a hooping superstar if you buy it, you wil have to practice and get use to the faster timing which can make learning certain tricks harder/longer process. Hdpe would be the step up from pvc or pex tubing. It's more flexable than polypro so the timing is a little slower making practing easier, but is lighter tubing than pvc or pex. A 42'' hoop is rather large and will make behind back and other tricks hard but with your height using a hoop under 38'' would be a bit too much too soon.


*psi means pounds per sqaure inch. Pvc is the kind of tubing your hoop is made of. If you want different tubing go for hdpe. It;s cheaper than polypro too.

Great idea, thank you!!

Don't be afraid of what people call "advanced," you may surprise yourself! Personally, the thought that I wasn't ready for smaller hoops slowed my learning;

I played with my 42" forever, then when I got a 36", it was as if the heavens had parted and brought me a whole different toy to play with!

Doesn't hurt to try smaller! & poly pro is awesome but i wouldn't buy one until you've settled on a go to hoop size. To me 36" is like an intermediate size, its great for learning new tricks and is good for moderate speed vs. faster paced hooping with my 33". 

My advice get a 36" instead of a 38" because if you feel your out growing the 42" you'll probably out grow the 38" sooner rather than later. 

You are all so helpful, thank you!!! <3 So maybe I should get a coil of HDPE and just play around with hoop sizes a little bit. I guess my next question is then, what diameter? 3/4" OD looks pretty good to me...

Makes perfect sense! That's definitely what is happening...the weight of the hoop takes over and I can't move!

Definitely get polypro, its super light weight, and maybe shoot for a diameter of like 34-36"

Here's my two cents' worth. I'm 5'6" and I've been hooping for three months. After two months, using a 3/4" 100 psi at 39", my hoop was feeling way too heavy and clunky. I just had a feeling polypro would be right for me so I got a 38" a month ago. I loved polypro but the 38" still felt too big so I've just bought some 36" ones and they are perfect for me. So please don't feel you need to be "advanced" to use polypro - there is no such rule. Anyone can use it!

Just a couple of things to remember:
+Some people just never take to polypro; they prefer the black tubing and there's nothing wrong with that.
+Your first polypro [at least] will need some good sanding, especially on the inside, to keep it grippy. Either that or a wee bit of tape.
+It's best to buy bigger rather than smaller to begin with. If you buy a friction fit one, such as those from Superhooper, you can always cut the hoop down if its too big. [Superhooper also has amaaaaaazing coloured polypro!]


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