Hey lovely people!
I have this LED that is currently about 40" in
1/2inch tubing. I'm not sure of the original maker as it was a gift a couple of years ago
And I can't seem to find the company for the life of me.
It's too springy in its current size and I would love to cut it
down to 35 or 36". It has a quick release button to coil down and a recessed on-off switch.
What would I be getting into with wiring and such if I pull this apart? Is it worth a shot? 

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If you pull it apart, you will encounter wiring. Some companies (I don't recommend this) squirt a lot of hot glue into the hoop. If that's the case... you may be out of luck.

Anyway, the wires aren't connected to the plastic, so you *could* carefully cut the tubing to make it smaller. However, trimming the wire is not an option unless you understand LEDs, so you'll have to shove it all back inside the tube and your lights will NOT be evenly spaced out anymore. But, it will be the right size.

In my opinion, when it's time to upgrade, you should get a new one and try to sell your old one, or give it to someone, or have it for beginners to use. It's good to have a beater anyway :-)

I mean, you could also look up wiring LEDS online and see if you can figure it out yourself too!

Yeah you would have to cut the wiring down to the correct size too other wise your leds will be all crammed in the tube. You could pay someone to resize it for you but it would probably cost more then it would be worth to do. REDS is right your probably better off just selling it and buying a new one!  Unless your very handy with electronic circuits then it could be worth giving a try.

Not worth it!  Be a dear and gift it to someone. :)

I kind of agree. Nothing like wanting a new hoop size to have a great excuse to get a new one!

Colleen of Hyperbola Hoops was very helpful with my questions and has great rates for re-tubing and such, if you sent her a message she may be able to help you out!  I'm sending a hoop of mine to her as soon as I save some $.

thanks is there any contact information you have for her? 

OK, it's settled. I'm saving up for a new hoop and keeping my old one for students and kids.

Thanks for the advice hoop lovelies!




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