once i get into a booty bump, i can do a roll over to the other side but i cant trasition out of this move in either position. im an mitermediate hooper so i dont know why i cant figure this out. if i try to get it steady enough to just go completly horizontal on my waist it ends up wonking out and falls.


any transitional move ideas?

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Can you get out of it while diagonal hooping on your chest? Because you can shimmy it up from the waist to chest and stay vertical or shimmy during a barrel roll. Either that, or you can do a lift off from the waist like you would while horizontal hooping, but instead it's diagonal and comes out in front to vertical hand hooping. Or a vertical vortex which would accomplish the same thing, just going back and forth with it first before lifting it completely off.
A one- or two-handed stop with your hands placed close to your body on either side of your hips, catching the hoop as it comes across your back. From there you can stand, take the hoop off in a variety of ways, pose, etc.
seems like you just need a little more practice to turn it horizontal again, and ditto to all the above about the first part just watch the hand placement of the vv
I usually corkscrew/lift-up out of it. (Sort of like vertical vortex.) I grab the hoop from my back and corkscrew it off my body.
thats all i do to. thats that only move ive found that really works for me. its a little hard to get used to but you will definitely get it if you try.


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