I'm really interested in buying one of these. I've heard good things about other brands but trick is coming out with one that collapses into two mini hoops.. which is why i want this one so badly

can anyone give me some feedback of this brand? and also tell me if it rattles??

thanks in advance!

peace love and hoops =)

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Trick Concepts is having a sale 15% off until Dec 15. I have 2 LED hoops from Rob the Cosmic Hooper that I love. The Trick concepts $99 hoop would be $84.15 plus $10 shipping, that is an amazing price! holidayburn is the dicsount code. The code should should work on the hoop you are looking too, send them email. They have very good reviews in the LED discussions.
i dont have the one that breaks down into 2 minis but i do have the regular custom made one.and no it dont rattle.its super lightweight(love it for off the body tricks) and very bright n just gorgeous!the battery takes about 2 hrs to charge for the 1st time and then about an hr or so from then on to recharge.with a lil trial and error they got the hoop to work no matter how the battery is put in the hoop.and to get the 15% discount u type in holidayburn in the coupon area when u place ur order.too bad u didnt get ahold of me b4 the 1st of this month i had a coupon for an additional 10% off that just expired.u coulda had 25% off ur led hoop from them!
I just received my new Trick Concepts LED Hoop in the mail yesterday.
It took a little while to get to me (about 4 weeks), when I contacted them they mentioned that the tubing they use was backordered and ended up sending out the hoop to me shortly after the time frame promised via email.

I'm loving this hoop!
I like that the hoop is made out of thicker tubing than my other hoop from World A Glow and the LED placement / lighting is really great. My hoop doesn't have any sort of rattle whatsoever.
It's also nice that it's pre-taped (it's also pre-taped with a grip band around the inside of the hoop as well - which I have never seen before).

I'd highly recomend Trick Concepts. And use the holiday discount mentioned in the thread below. I'm kicking myself for paying full price!!
I'll post some pictures shortly.
i love mine. the only thing i don't like is how it's a little bigger where it connects (battery insert section). That part kind of hurts in isolations, but not too bad.

Other than that the color is VIBRANT and i love love love it. Great quality for the price.
I LOVE MY TRICK CONCEPTS HOOP!!! I have that and a psi and they look so pretty together! i have the rainbow one. You cant beat 32 led and collapsible. I love the tubing too
i just got my trick concepts LED too! i also got the rainbow one. for the price you cant beat it. it collapses into half its size and the color is fantastic!!! the collapse feature is wonderful. i took it to a concert last night and when it got too packed i just coiled it up and wore it as a necklace! it was a real hit. the ring of gaffers tape they put in the center of the hoop is really great for leg and knee hooping too. it was really a purchase well made.
Thanks everyone! I will definitely be getting one and I can't wait for it to come in the mail!!!
Can someone tell me what the battery is like in these? Are they rechargeable through a plug, or do you have to pull the batteries out to recharge them, or are they disposable? I don't know if I want to buy it if the batteries are not rechargeable..
The batteries are rechargeable and a battery charger comes with the purchase of an LED hoop
Where so you see the one that breaks into 2 or with tape on the inside?

I was looking into these and am wondering about the size, I'm almost 5'10" so do you think the 38-39" trick concept hoop will be too small for me?
Right now I hoop regularly with a 42" Hoopnotica hoop (I assume 160 psi) and have done so for almost a year. I occasionally use a hoop I've made of similar size and 160psi but not as much tape so it's lighter and I used to have a hoop a little smaller, probably not any less than 40" that I loved but gave away. I do have a 37-38" OD hoop that I can hoop with but am not comfortable "dancing" with but maybe because it is heavy (again 160). I really like everything else about this hoop but if I buy one I want to use it.
I don't have an answer to your question about size...i love all different sizes. I do know the hoopnotica hoop is quite large from what I'm used to. but the LED that breaks into minis will be up in a week and a half.
i would suggest goin w a 40" since uve already had one that size and it seemed to feel right to u.and all of trick concepts hoops come w tape goin along the inner perimeter of the hoop.


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