Collapsable 8 piece hoop from Troo hoops vs. the Hoopnotica travel hoop. What's a better hoop to get. I want to start taking my hoop to school next year so i want it to be easy to carry. I ordered from hoopnotica before i really liked their company but i liked that the Troo hoop came in 8 pieces and could be stuffed in smaller places. Had anyone ever gotten one of these hoops and how did you like either of them. Pros, cons, whatever. Please :)

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I make hoops for a living and as a hooper, and durability wise, go for the 8 piece hoop.

they are by far the most durable collapsible hoop.
I have never bought from Hoopnotica, but I just bought a Troohoops 4-piece collapsible hoop and i love it! The 8 piece would probably be awesome too!
I can only say about the hoopnotica one. I like it though. I'm short though so full sized I cannot do any angles without scraping the ground, lol. But with only 5 pieces it flows better. I like my "solid" hoops better though in most cases cause the connectible one seems a bit wonky at times cause it's not as firm I think. Taken apart the pieces are about 22-23" high (the pieces curve, this is just how high it is to help you with idea of size for your stuffing in smaller places). I've read good things about troop hoops though.
the Hoopnotica one is really weighty and i find it verrry difficult to snap the pieces apart. if you have any length to your nails they will break trying to pry the pieces apart. even if you don't have nails those buttons are cumbersome. the Troo Hoop comes not only in 4pc and 8pc but in two weights, heavyweight (160 psi) and Danceweight (100 psi) and the push button connectors are much better. (i am not happy with mine, as i was given the wrong weight and my connectors are loose but i think that was just my bad luck. i know a few people with great perfect troo hoops).
Hello! If you received the wrong item or if you believe the condition of the hoop is poor we will gladly take the hoop back and exchange it for the correct weight and or repair it. Sorry about this bummer inconvenience. Please email us or call us with your name and shipping info and a sales person will help you.

oh really! that's great! thanks so much for letting me know. i live in the city so i guess i'll just pop by soon as i can :)
Yes, and bring that loose Troo Hoop with you. See you soon!

520 Broadway near Spring St in Soho, 3rd Fl

I would go for troohoops because you can choose the colors, size and weight, but keep in mind that a hoop with 8 pieces can get really wobbly.
I'm not sure about the 8 piece hoop. I don't have one.
The Quattro from Troo Hoops is excellent, comes in three lengths and two weights.
The Hoopnotica hoop is excellent, comes in 5 or 6 pieces and you can leave one out for a smaller hoop.
Both make a great product.

I have friends who have an 8 piece hoop from another company. This particular hoop, though made of a stronger material than the Troo Hoop product, still loses it's true circle shape. That would be my concern with the 8 piece hoop. Will it maintain a perfect circle?

If you do get it, let us know.
I'm curious too!

I make 3, 4, and 5 piece section hoops and would like to know how more sections hold their shape.
I love my 8 piece Troo Hoop. I understand the newer Hoopnotica hoops have the push button tech, so they are not as frustrating as they used to be...I'm afraid to take mine apart for fear I will never get them together again! OTOH what I like abt the Hoopnotica travel hoops is the foamy tape...its extra grippy.

In the end I would give the advantage to the 8 pc troo hoop for portability and options ( two weights, custom-ish taping or the option of taping yr own). It holds its shape beautifully. Funny story: I orderd mine as a 36 inch dance weight hoop, accidentally left two pieces at home and was still able to make a whole, albeit tiny hoop that I worked with until I came home and discovered that I had left two pieces! No wonder my workshop mates were in awe of my mad hooping skills!

Only two things I dislike abt the Troo Hoops: The connectors are visually jarring unless you pick a tape that matches ( you'll see what I mean when you go to the site) and as far as I know there isn't a pocket hoop tote available.

These are minor nits though.
Thanks! :D I think I want to get a pink, black, and teal 8 piece hoop from troo hoops.


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