Ok, I'm looking for an LED hoop thats affordable and I can POSSIBLY throw around until I upgrade to a PSI. Troo hoops looks promising. Thumbs up or down? Any other suggestions?

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i was wondering this too lol
I have a Trick concepts hoop...my only comment on that one is it is soooooo heavy! I spin with 1/2 in 100 PSI tubing, so it's just monstrous and I actually end up not using it at all, which is a bummer. I really think Cosmic Hoops has some great stuff for a great price...that's my next one! Check them out.
i use TC too. define, "throw around" though.

i'm very careful with mine and have no complaints so far. hopefully, i didn't just jinx myself ><

also swivel, i do hear a lot of people complain about the weight. i use 1/2 inch 125 psi and dont think its that bad. are there lighter LED hoops?
I'm wondering the same. I can seem to find reviews on all led's but theirs.
Troo Hoops makes an excellent product! Had a chance to see their new LED on Monday night and it's beautiful! Battery lasts almost 10 hours! I can't recall which model it was but if you check with them they'll be able to tell you which one they had with them on NYC Hoop Day.
I have a Trick Concepts and really like it but my next one will be Troo Hoops.
Thanks Joan, that was the dance weight 39 inch. We only started selling the hoops a few months ago so there aren't many reviews out there yet. Stefan at GrooveHoops uses and loves our LED. We think that's pretty great. Anna Jack, the woman in our demo video and from the Letterman show has 10 LED Troo Hoops!

If you decide to order our LED hoop and if you are unsatisfied you may return it within two weeks for a complete refund, if you mention this Hoop City forum thread.

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