(I think I got the name right - the move I'm thinking of is this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmeZYGc3N4M but with one hand).

Does anybody know of any good tutorials/have any tips for doing this? I can do it easily with two hands but want to learn to do it with one.. I tired the other day but just ended up throwing my hoop everywhere:P

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I haven't come across any tutorials for it, but beth lavinder breaks it down beautifully in words in her journal entry here:


I'm still working on the sustained version myself.  For the one-time-around type, I've found that catching with the palm facing down is one of the most important things to note from her description.  It makes all the difference.  And a light hoop is also helpful - I recommend 1/2" 125 psi or poly pro.  Good luck!

definitly a lighter is a definte must, i found that spining a little faster when you come to bring the hoop up also helps. Basicly start like you would the 2 handed vortex, then spin and pull back up.


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