I had the worst week, like most humans durning winter. My family worries over the isolation i place myself in, so my mom and grandmother excitedly had me to open my birthday gift today. Ever since my mom ordered my present, she said it'd replace hooping, so I had doubts I'd like the present, cause why did my mom just say "replace" hooping? Why replace the most kick ass hobby? A nice small unicycle was what was in the box.

It's a nice gift, but wtf? Maybe my family thinks my depression can be fixed by doing circus things, since hooping has changed my life for the best. It was a costly and highly thoughtful gift, so it sucked calling my mother, thanking her, and pleading we send it back. No refunds on bikes, so I could trade it in for something else i'd never use.


 My family felt crushed that they didn't cheer me up, so my grandmother gave me another gift, she handmade a tibetan styled sleeveless coat. Damn, that thing is wonderful, and all the fabric used is expensive. I'll never wear it, but yet I love it. Why couldn't I feel the same with the uni?


The bike is going to my sister for her 12th birthday, since in Portland, oregon, there's classes and other things that'd help her have fun with the unicyle. The bike is too awesome to sit in my closet untouched. But still, replacing hoop dacning with a wheel ride? two different things, but in the eyes of the public, it's all circus.


I feel like a child, not putting it together to try it out, not even wanting to see it placed together, geez I don't even want to ride my bike, let alone a unicyle.


I already made the mistake in trying to have my mother get her money back. I emailed her demanding to be giftless, since it's my issue, and pleading her to maybe visit montana, show her some of my uprising and tiring life of hooping, school, and work.


I made a childish mistake and I just don't know how to make it up to my mother.

What can I do for her?

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Tell her the truth! That you're sorry if you hurt her by asking it to be sent back, but the gift really was so thoughtful (and unicycles aren't cheap) that you couldn't just let it collect dust in your wardrobe. However, you shouldn't dwell on the fact she said it'd 'replace' hooping, a lot of people don't understand hooping from more than a novelty/gimmick/party trick point of view; there are still people in my hoop classes that see it that way. I would have loved to recieve a unicycle.. maybe you should give a go anyway? It's always fun to learn new skills regardless of whether or not it's going to end up being a big part of your life. I took a class for unicycling once and it's completely different from anything else I've tried to learn. It's definitely a challenge.

Couldnt you at least try it out? That part is childish, its not going to hurt you to at least have a go. Actually trying it and smiling and finding som enjoyment in it would probably help make it up to your mum even if you still give it away later.

It almost sounds like youd like it a bit more if your mum hadnt said "It will replace hooping." Your mum was probably just excited about the gift and didnt mean to offend - just a bad choice of words.


Theres always the option of learning to hoop whilst riding a unicycle? (-:


OMG! It's uncanny that you found this video. See my above post. Since starting hooping this year I've thought of trying this but always said Nah, that would be crazy. Geez. That girl has gotten together! Whew!

Lol, go you for being game enough to think of trying this!!! :-D

I was actually looking for a different unicycle hooping clip, but I couldnt find it...

If you've got to explain something to someone, I always say "nothing beats the truth," as long as it doesn't really hurt them. I understand you feel you may not have room for it right now -however- I ride a unicycle (for more years than I care to mention(-:) and I'm tellin' you, like Harlow and Voodoo said, it might be worth a shot! I learned in 2 days hanging onto the side of a parked pickup truck! Granted, I saw an older kid do it and I was totally hellbent to do it too but I got it. I figure one could learn like I did on the side of a fence or railing... It really is like learning to ride a bike in that you never forget. I've gone years without riding it and then can just hop right on and take off. So many here do other things like poi (which I'd love to learn too!) but I don't see too many of us unicycle riders ;-) Do what you feel is best for you - it's cool, but sleep on it and if by some chance you do accept this little challenge be sure to let us know! Ok?


I just learned ducking my head into the hoop tonight - scared the hell outta me for fear of bashin' my teeth - can't believe I did it though. Now with the unicycle ~ it'll probably take a little time. I was being  crazy obsessive when I learned. All you have to accomplish at first is having one pedal down (vertical) and put your foot on the bottom one so you can get up on the seat (while holding onto something) then, try to get your pedals horizontal (level to the ground) while still holding onto the side of something. You don't have to go anywhere at first! - just practice sitting upright and holding yourself up. Apply a little pressure to either foot to rock the wheel underneath you, rolling the wheel say, about an inch or two forward and then an inch or two backward. Slowly, you can try to pedal say a foot or two forward while holding on and walking yourself along the fence or whatever while trying not to have the uni turn on you -it'll try to do that to you at first because you're pushing a pedal down one side at a time. You just have to maybe squeeze the seat a little with your thigh(s) at first to keep things pointed straight. If you do get into this and have questions, you know where to find me - here on hoopcity!

    Remember, sometimes the monsters you fear are really just children in Halloween masks!

    >8-)~  Good Luck!


Really?! Unbelievable! Sounds like you are on the right track! Keep at it - wear gloves if you need to - it's a whole new world of balance but it's like learning to walk again - only with a wheel. Haha!
And as for me?, combining hoop and uni? OMG!! Voodoo has really earned her name with this one! LOL! ;-)


I've always wanted a unicycle.  That would have kicked ass.

That actually sounds really fun! :P

Good luck on learning.

Okay, that's it, I'm buying a unicycle.

Reading the posts here has sold me :P

I was watching that hooping unicycle girl, and this one was linked on the side:




wow! That is some inspiration right there :D


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