I have two questions I would like to ask my wise hoop-friends. :)

Number one: Can anyone ride a unicycle? It seems fun. I want one.

Number two: If I get a rivet on one side on a polypro hoop, will it eventually mess up the shape?? Or if I get a regular connection, will it come apart easily? I think I'm getting one from hoopsupplies.com

Darn. That's three questions. But I think you get my point. :)

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I bought a whole roll of 5/8" tubing from hoop supplies and the regular connection works great in most cases. I have issues with my minis just because the radius is so small (they are 20"). I hear that putting a small dab of hot glue between the connector and the tubing helps it stick. I assume that super glue would work too. 


If you decide to get polypro, I have both "lectric lime" and the blacklight pink in 5/8". I am selling the hoops for $25 + $15 s&h.  

Yes anyone can learn to unicycle. It just takes a lot of time and falling of and in then end everyone will get it. I teach at a local youth circus where we teach both kids and adults, So far i have not found anyone who is truly committed and put in the time that has not been able to learn.


If you are looking to buy a unicycle and you can't find a second hand one, I would recommend finding a retailer that sells the Qu-ax Luxus like these ones. You can buy them online.


They are a bit more expensive than a generic one you might find in a bike shop but they are much better quality. We use them at the youth circus, where they get a fair beating and they last great. They also have features which help with more advanced tricks if you end up getting it to that sort of thing. The other plus side is they re-sell at a good price so if you decide it is not for you they are easy to sell. 



Thanks! I think I just might get one of those. :)

So did you finally gotten one? One day while I was hooping in the park a guy was riding his unicycle and it looks fun.  I want to learn to ride one too, but my wife didn't think that was such a great idea at my age. So far no luck in convincing her but still working on it.

Yup. :) It was at a sporting goods shop I decided to get it. It's a little big for me (24 inch wheel and I'm 5'2)  but I'm managing. With a little more practice I think I'll have it down.

Good luck on convincing your wife!! haha :)

Thanks,  I am getting a very very slight hint that it will be ok to get one. BUT with a catch like no riding outside and get run over by a car. Guess she still thinks I am just a big kid.

Don't forget to consider shipping and duty in your prices

I just got some of the UV (ultra pink and tangerine!) and lime colored polypro from HoopSupplies and pop riveted it together. It's a pretty good deal at $25 for 10 feet. That's enough to make a set of minis or up to a 38-40" hoop. I cut mine down to 36." I love them! I bought some push buttons to so I can coil them for travel. I got my first clear polypro hoops from MoodHoops for $25, and they're built the same way—pop riveted on one side and a push button on the other. :) 

I think I'm gonna go ahead and make mine a rivet too for travel. The only travel hoop I have is a huge and super heavy one that I don't really use much. Thanks!! :)

One precaution I don't know if you are aware of. Do not connect the hoop together while it's coiled down as that will put too much stress at the join. Just tape it down at couple of points. I make that mistake and now my hoop doesn't fix as tightly as before and there is a slight hump  at the seam.

Thanks!! :)

You can travel without rivetting.


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