Hey lovely hoopers! i really need some advice with vertical chest/shoulder hooping. I can do regular chest/shoulder hoop well, and I've watched a bunch of videos on vertical but can't seem to get it down! I've watched the chemigals vid, Arsyns, an Italian one lol, and a another one on vertical, any ones that you can reccomend out there? Which way worked for you to start with? Any helpful tips? Also I just started doing chest breaks.

PS I hoop to my left.

Thanks in advance! Xx

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I need help too! Im getting close but something just isn't 'clicking'
I had to pay a lot of attention to what I was doing with my knees to even get to the 'hey I kinda am sorta getting it- maybe' stage that I'm at now

Just keep spinning just keep spinning ...

I have only *just* worked out how to do vertical chest... some tips that may help...

Keep your back rounded

Push the energy down when the hoop rolls over your back to keep momentum

try your best to keep the hoop going when it overshoots to your neck! shove your arms back in the hoop to lower it. Try and control it, try to teach your muscles what they need to do to keep it in place.

The idea you put in my head about pushing down made all the difference. I never was able to do this, I read your reply and tried it today!! Now I got it down! Thank you do much

Yay! Glad I could help :)

I started with Arsyn's tuck in. Then after I got comfortable hooping vertically after tucking in, I moved to moving from horizontal to vertical. I think it helped because my vertical hooping in very very very vertical, as opposed to 45 degrees. 

I can't find the video that you've referenced... can you link me?

Try to transition to it from the booty bump. Lightly bounce up and down bending at the knees. Use the momentum to gyrate the hoop up to your chest like you would while standing. Or try putting your arms in from the booty bump. Good luck!

Thank you everyone! I will be trying all those things out!

Just keep spinning just keep spinning haha love it.

I agree with with Ness says and also start with the hoop in the vertical position and then hoop.

Oooooh this was a really hard one for me to figure out, it took me a while.

The best advice I can give is stay bent over, like, to where it feels weird. Because it does at first (for me anyway) and I had the tendency to straighten back up after a second which would make the hoop fall. You just have to feel weird for a while, but then it will start to feel normal.


Also try hooping with it around your neck to get the feel of that downward momentum.

Good luck!

this is very helpful.  i still don't have it, but i think i will very soon.

It's always good to learn everything boths way so you can keep your body balanced.  Doing the opposite way from what you are use to can be difficult at first but it will definitely be better for you in the long run :]


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