I'm so excited to be going this year, for the first time ever & we already have tickets!! I've heard there are lots of hoopers & that even last year there was a hooping/yoga workshop! I cannot express how frickin' excited I am that I will finally get a chance to hoop with other people (other than my cherished tiny circle of ppl I have addicted, lol). So...anybody going? We're still undecided on if we are taking our little one or not.

Oh- and I am part of Wanee's digital street team- in hopes to score a few extra tickets so some special friends of ours can come along. They've had a tough year & I think they'd enjoy the break. So please click the link. :) More clicks means a better chance for those tickets.


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If our financial situation permits, my boyfriend and I will be there :)

MEEEEE :) and rolling deep with lots of friends! my little sisters first fest :) so stoked

Awesome, I hope I run into some HoopCity friends. :)  We wanted to go so bad last year & it just wasn't in the cards. But we'd planned on it this year (it's also doubling as vacation for us, lol).

Yea this fest is a good one for us because it's a thur fri sat fest so it works well with my hubbys work schedule. The lineup s great, so I'm really hoping we make it. We will prob have our 3 year old son with us too. We haven't finalized all the fest we are gonna make it to this year, but this one seems like a win!


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