I recently had a horrible experience buying a hula hoop. While on vacation in Florida, i stopped at the AsSeenOnTV store. I missed my hula hoop a lot, b/c unfortunately i couldn't bring my hoop on the plane, so i bought a Travel hoop by, (Hoopnotica). The entire package came with collapsible hoop, a carrying strap, and a beginner DVD for $50.00. I was very happy with my hoop at first, every day i would take it to the beach and hoop in the sand. After only two weeks the hoop was showing signs of breaking. The cloth tape was pealing and fraying. The shinny tape was shredding. But the worst thing the happened with the hoop was the way the screws were put in to hold it together. The screws constantly come out CUTING YOUR HANDS AND BODY! I'm afraid to put the hoop on my neck..after another 2 weeks of use the hoop became so flimsy that it became completely worthless for hula hooping tricks. I was extreamly mad at first, now in just really concerned. This hula hoop seems very DANGEROUS to me. has anyone had simmiler experiences? or am i just a very unlucky girl who got the defective hoop?

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hooping in the sand can mess up a hoop but I understand your concerns, I've heard a lot of hoopers complain about Hoopnotica.
I can see how sand would damage the tape and cloth, but the hoop itself should be fine. I'm sorry about your experience and thanks for sharing. I would let them know about it as well, I'm sure they don't want this to happen to their customers.

If you look at some of the reviews they've gotten on Amazon, you'll see that other people have had the same problem with the screws coming out. 


My Hoopnotica travel hoop was my main hoop for almost a year.  The screws have never come loose. And it hasn't become flimsy.  However, it does make annoying creaking noises when hooped with. 

had the same creaking just traded mine for a arm hoop i told the girl i traded with .She didn't care
I have that hoop.  I like it and then I don't.  It's very heavy for hand hooping, even a hula hoop instructor of mine commented on that.  Breaking it down is near impossible without killing a finger or hoop.  It's never came apart but it does creak when you are hooping with it.  Although I mainly bought the set for the DVDs (mine had 2 DVDs, level 1 and 2).  The hoop was just extra.  If I was to compare the troo hoop collaspable to hoopnotica, I'd take troo hoop anyday.  It hasn't broken any of my nails yet.

Oh, yeah. The pulling it apart thing.  I forgot about that.  I have never been able to get the thing open with my fingers.  I have to use the eraser end of a pencil.

I use my keys.  I also try not to take it apart.  My friend likes to use it when I take it to work but that's cause it's smaller than my other hoops.

What the hell are those "Certified" hoopers thinking making hoops with screws!?!

You can get connecters that click instead of screws.. They cost a bit more but they don't hurt people.


Someone should take their "Certification" away for making such hoops.

The hoop does use a click connector.  Most collaspables like that have a rivet to hold the other part down.  Even my troo hoop has a rivet/screw/whatever it is. 
Wow, I'm glad I went with Troo Hoops when I bought my collapsible!  Sounds like you went through a little bit of a nightmare.  When I bought my first hoop, it completely broke after only 2 or 3 months...the connector just snapped when I was collapsing it.  Since then I've been wary of buying hoops, I'd rather make them so if one breaks I can't be angry about wasting my money on some scam artist waiting to make a quick buck, but I went with Troo Hoops for travel purposes because they have a store right in NY, so if I have a problem I can march down there and get them to fix it!  Plus, I've seen them on HoopCity before and they seem very accommodating...they really want you to have a great hoop!  I almost went with the Hoopnotica one and then backed out, and now after reading your story I'm happy I made the choice that I did.
Wow, thank you. We think customer service is really important. Troo Hoops is run by Dubé Juggling, so we've had a passion for prop making for 37 years. To be honest it is not that simple to make an object that is ment to be spun, juggled, manipulated and basically tormented. It takes years to refine every detail.
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