okay, okay...fill me in. I've been seeing these spots on avatars here...and curiosity to WHAT is that about is forced me into posting it. Right now! Saw a few with a circle with green check, one with looks like a small yellow city. So? whats that all about? :D

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i'm curious about this as well.lol.

Perhaps they mean the person is a moderator or is someone who donates or something?

Ahhh  Hah!  I think the golden "city" spot is a "Hoop City Teacher".  Though I have no idea how they get that status.

Get certified by Safire?

Well I poked around the site and yes, all the moderators have green checks, so, yeah, that's probably it.

As for the instructors, there's a signup page under "teach" on the top bar.  Unfortunately, I haven't found a list of hoop city teachers, but I'm thinking that signing up as an instructor is the way to get that badge.

well alright! Mystery solved! LMBO, I'm glad I'm not the only person who noticed them & was like...what????????

Don't feel too bad, I only just recently got the whole "string cheese" thing.  though, I still can't figure out these people who say "this ain't string cheese" to hoopers at raves.  Just because the band is hoop friendly and identifies with hooping doesn't mean that they have the exclusive on the activity.

Can you only wear costumes at Gwar and Kiss concerts?

Can you only be an asshole at Kanye events?

Can you only spin poi for Bette Midler (look it up... Hilarious)?

Are you only allowed to overdub for Millie Vanillie?

I suppose Disney will have to resort to playing only Deadmou5 sets.


Mermaids, wheel chairs and BALLS oh my :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_JlAx-TtXU

Yep!  You guys got it right!  I think the green checkmark works really well but I'm not all that keen on the Teachers icon.  It's the Hoop City Network logo but since it's so small on the profile pictures, it's hard to make out. 

Any suggestions?  Having the word teacher would be nice but again, it would be nearly impossible to read. 

How 'bout an apple?


An apple with a T in it, maybe?


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