Weird vertigo like feeling after hooping... anyone else????

Has anyone else experienced a vertigo like feeling since theyve started hooping? Ive noticed it a LOT lately... like daily that I have been having these weird episodes where im focusing on my computer of phone or reading and my eyes start getting really blurry and dizzy. If i shake my head really fast it goes away for a moment or two then comes back. after a while it disappears but i notice this mostly after I've been hooping... anyone else??? 

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Dizziness can be caused by a lot of things. There are lots of rare and scary possibilities, but let's focus on the more likely ones:

* inner ear infection or blockage. Have you been swimming? Ill?

* clogged sinuses. Do you have a cold, allergies or a stuffy nose?

* exhaustion. Are you getting enough sleep? Eating well?

It won't hurt you to go talk to your doctor about this if is keeps up, just in case it is one of those rare and scary causes.

medical STUDENT advice: no need to worry, but go to the dr. Episodic vertigo suggests something is going on. Some people experience vertigo in response to certain head positions (benign positional vertigo), could that be your situation? 

blah. i hate going to the dr. buuuut ill make an appointment today. I wasnt really worried about it until i posted it on here and on Unity of the hoopers on FB and everyone kinda geeked a little. soooo yea. thank u for ur help!

I don't think that's from hooping. It sounds like you have an astigmatism (irregular curvature of the lens). Does it happen right after hooping? or is it like all day. Because I have an astigmatism and if I read too long or look at a computer/phone screen 2 long my vision goes blurry and I get dizzy, and I litterally cant see anything but sihlottes for like 5 mins. I dont get it after hoooping....just lights trail at night (without drugs) and my vision gets dizzy and blurry after prolonged strain on my eyes, and it is a kind of  a vertigo feeling. hope this helped

i do have a very slight astigmatism, but this is different. its like the entire room is shaking and i cant focus my eyes. Sometimes ill just sit there and try to figure out how to define it or if anything will happen but it doesnt seem to get worse or anything. just a really odd feeling and inability to focus on anything that simply goes away when i shake my head. 

I experienced the same few years back, even before I started hooping.

When I moved my head to left I'd get really dizzy sometimes. Try ask if someone could massage your neck, back and shoulders. Then do regular stretches to your neck and shoulder area to improve the circulation, that really helped for me :)

Here's video that shows a few streches:

Do you spin a lot while hooping? I find that spinning sets my body off balance a little bit, could be messing with your inner ear like was suggested.   I get this light headed dizziness sometimes, like when you stand up too quickly after sitting down. But mostly I just wait for it to be over like you said. Hope everything works out :)

I'm not a medical expert, but that sounds to me like it's caused by something other than hooping, and you should get it checked out.

It's interesting, hooping and vertigo. Before I began hooping I suffered from occasional bouts of vertigo and I was worried about this when I began hooping. But I pushed through it any way because I REALLY wanted to hoop. I still get horribly dizzy when I hoop but .... I'm no longer afraid of the dizziness! I used to dread it, now it's just some thing that happens. No big deal.


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