What don't I like about it? lol

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That is an excellent question. Normally I would say my smile. Its honest, spontaneous and true. But today and forevermore I will say my left fibula. I am loving my leg right this second for being healthy and strong enough to be removed to save my life. I get to keep it mind you, she's just moving uptown to replace my cancer addled right jaw.My original jaw was a horrible tenant, totally trashed the joint. So Im getting a new, quieter, put up friggen lace curtains tenant on April 27th. Hoopcity has been with me one form or another through this journey. Many freinds I have never met donated to help with the costs (HoopMama Needs Help with Cancer ~ Thank you Leah Shoemaker <3) and for all the days I have been to ill to move, I danced in my head. I have been inspired and drawn and entertained immensely by the shows, practices, confessions and transfomations I see every day from around the world. Its a beautiful thing. :)

So in the next two weeks I am hauling my carcass out to a dancefloor and taking back what is mine to keep: the music that always used to hum just below the surface in everything I did. Im going to need it, and thank goodness I never get tired of connecting with beats and movement in my imagination, cuz thats where I'll be joining you all for the next little while.

I love you body, entirely, but in 3 weeks Left Fibula gets to sit at the head of this table for good.

Like I said earlier.. excellent question.

<3 Crisdon Chaisson ~*Spun Sugar*~


That was touching, courageous, & inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you- Sirkka Aho


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